Star Plus in Latin America: All About The New Platform

This new Disney service, designed exclusively for Latin America, will be a released for the region.

Series and productions available on Star +

Let's see what is distinctive about Star Plus and why it will be interesting in our region. Photo: starplus.com

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Available from August 31, 2021, Star Plus is a service designed exclusively for Latin America. The Walt Disney Company is aware that this region is important for its strategy, so it will seek to compete with other established services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBO Max.

For example, in the United States, Disney decided to separate its entire content offering into different services. There is Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus there. On the other hand, in Europe, Star Plus is only called Star and was thought to organically integrate Disney Plus .

Now that we know this, let's see what is distinctive about Star Plus and why it will be interesting in our region.

Star Plus: all the information

The first thing to mention is that Star Plus will have a much more complete catalog designed for the adult audience than Disney Plus . When we talk about Disney, we are not only referring to the cartoons, but also to the franchises and the rights they have acquired to be part of the company.

This new platform will have all the animated comedies from 20th Television. Some of the main attractions are all the seasons of The Simpsons. There it differs from Disney Plus, which only offers the three most recent.

It will also feature different novelties, such as Solar Opposites, from the creators of Rick and Morty; in addition to Marvel's MODOK, which will be a different version of the MCU. For example, for the year 2022, the premiere of Hit Monkey is planned, which will be a new Marvel series away from the MCU .

Other animated productions that will be present will be Futurama, Family Guy, American Dad!, Duncanville and Bob's Burger. However, this is not all: there will also be different movies and important series from different production companies such as Hulu, FX, Searchlight Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Freeform or ABC Signature, among others.

In terms of films, the idea will be to combine successful recent productions with films of great prestige over time. For example, Nomadland (recent winner of the Oscar 2021), Deadpool, Logan, The Planet of the Apes, JoJo Rabbit, Alien, Bohemian Rhapsody or Relentless Search stand out .

As for the series, all the seasons of The Walking Dead, This is Us, American Horror Story or Outlander are some of the most relevant. All of them will premiere their seasons on this platform. Likewise, Prison Break, How I Met your Mother, The X Files, Modern Family or Lost are also included.

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As for his own productions, there will be Big Sky, Love, Black Narcissus, Hipp Hop Uncovered, Dollface or A Teacher. There is another section that is constantly differentiated, which is the fact of making exclusive productions for Latin America. That means, topics related to the culture of the continent will be explored, in terms of drama, comedy, thriller, biographies or documentaries.

With this, Star Plus will seek to attract subscribers in the region, with the aim of planning different productions based on Latin American culture. For example, Santa Evita, which will be a series starring Natalia Oreiro that will reveal what happened to Eva Perón's body after her death. Terapia Alternativa also stands out, which will be a series based on therapies and designed for lovers of psychology.

Later, we have "No fue mi culpa", which arises from addressing the issue of femicides in different countries, such as Colombia, Mexico or Brazil . Some comedies, such as "El galán", deal with the best offer in Mexico in terms of humor. There will also be "Los protectores", with Adrián Suar and Andrés Parra, who will seek to tell the story behind the football managers.

We cannot miss that it will be the first time that live sports broadcasts will be within a streaming platform. Star Plus will broadcast major events including the UEFA Champions League, the Copa Libertadores, the CONCACAF Champions League, the Spanish League, the Italian Serie A, the Premier League and the UEFA Europe League .

Other sports will be broadcast, such as the Tour de France, NBA, NFL, UFC, PGA Tour golf tournaments, MotoGP, ATP, WTA and Grand Slam. There will also be iconic TV shows such as SportsCenter, ESPN FC or ESPN 30X30. That is, sports lovers will have an important offer.

You can watch content simultaneously on up to 4 devices, download on a maximum of 10 and create 7 profiles. It can be contracted monthly or annually, with the chance to add Disney Plus. The value? It ranges between 8 and 10 dollars a month and between 10 and 13 dollars in the plus version, but it varies according to each country.

From Star Plus:

  • Argentina. Monthly: 880. Annual: 8800.
  • Chili. Monthly: 8,500. Annual: 84,900.
  • Colombia. Monthly: 31,900. Annual: 319,900.
  • Mexico. Monthly: 199. Annual: 1999.
  • Peru. Monthly: 37.9. Annual: 379.90.

From the Combo Plus:

  • Argentina. Monthly: 995. Disney Plus: 385.
  • Chili. Monthly: 10,500. Disney Plus: 6,500.
  • Colombia. Monthly: 38,900. Disney Plus: 23,000.
  • Mexico. Monthly: 249. Disney Plus: 159.
  • Peru. Monthly: 44.90. Disney Plus: 25.90.

Star Plus will incorporate titles on a weekly basis, with the aim of constantly nurturing the platform and differentiating itself from its competitors, which make changes on a monthly basis. It is now available!