These are the Most Anticipated Releases on Streaming Platforms for September

A new month begins and, with it, new productions arrive to enjoy. See which are the premieres that you should not miss on its different platforms.

Still from 'La Casa de Papel' and 'Malignant'

2021 continues to advance with accelerated steps and there is no one who stops him or the most anticipated premieres that will be given on the different streaming platforms. Photo: YT-Netflix, YT-Amazon Prime

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September is here! 2021 continues to advance with accelerated steps and it is unstoppable just like the most anticipated premieres that will be given on the different streaming platforms. Movies, series and documentaries will arrive with unimaginable expectations for many fans. Action, drama, horror and fantasy are the menu for the ninth month of the year.

Money Heist (Netflix - September 3)

One of the quintessential Netflix series will have its fifth in final season that will be divided into two volumes. It has been 100 hours since the gang entered to rob the Bank of Spain where they have experienced intense emotions such as the rescue of Lisbon and the death of Nairobi. And is that although it all started with a robbery, the end will take a more warlike turn when the protagonists face off against the army in an "all or nothing" fight. In addition, we will see the arrival of new characters and the possible checkmate of Alicia Sierra to the Professor .

Cinderella (Amazon Prime Video - September 3)

The legend we all know will come to life in a musical you cannot miss. Being faithful to the traditional tale of Cinderella, Camila Cabello will play a humble and ambitious young woman full of dreams and goals that she will try to fulfill thanks to her perseverance. This movie classic will have a modern and unique twist, whose fresh perspective hopes to appeal to audiences of all ages. In addition to Camila, Idina Menzel, Minnie Driver, Nicholas Galitzine, Pierce Brosnan and Billy Porter will also perform, all under the direction of Kay Cannon.

Happier than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles (Disney Plus - September 3)

Billie Eillish, the voice of the new generation, will bring us an unforgettable film concert experience with the collaboration of Venezuelan musical director Gustavo Dudamel, Brazilian guitarist Romero Lubambo and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. In addition to singing the songs from her most recent album, the artist will take us on a dream trip through the most iconic places in Los Angeles, her hometown. This exclusive Disney + special is directed by Robert Rodríguez and will also feature animated elements.

The Voyeurs (Amazon Prime Video - September 10)

Have you ever spied on your neighbors? As innocent as that may sound, what Pippa (Sydney Sweeney) and Thomas (Justice Smith) will do will have unthinkable consequences. Freshly moved into their new apartment, this young couple will soon notice that their windows fully reveal the apartment across the street, where a couple lives whose relationship is quite hot. Upon discovering the infidelity of one of them, the protagonists will try to intercede anonymously with them, causing a series of events full of tension and suspense.

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New Order (MUBI - September 10)

What appeared to be a typical upper-class family wedding ends up becoming the mouthwatering of a violent and hopeless story. In this dystopian drama we will witness through the eyes of the young bride and the servants who work for her family how a social revolt gives way to a coup, bringing all kinds of dangers to people regardless of their color, class or religion. Although the film is set in Mexico, this scenario can occur anywhere in the world.

Malignant (HBO Max - September 10)

Terror will be present with one of the most acclaimed directors of the genre: James Wan. This time we will see how a woman, Madison, lives terrified by the constant nightmares where she is murdered, which do not let her sleep at night or live by day. Although she will do her best to overcome these traumas, the fear and uncertainty will be greater and greater when she discovers that these macabre visions are actually happening in real life and that the murderer is increasingly close to her.

Sex Education (Netflix - September 17)

The return to school at Moordale High School is imminent and will also feature a new principal, a new uniform, and a new attitude. For this third season we will see the journey of Otis and what things the new course will bring to all . How will Jean handle her pregnancy? How are Eric and Adam doing in their relationship? To all this must be added the attempts of the director Hope to transform the institute into the pillar of excellence that it used to be before, the discovery of feminism for Aimee, the version of Jackson in love, as well as the arrival of new characters.

Star Wars: Visions (Disney Plus - September 22)

The Star Wars saga will expand its universe in a peculiar way and with something totally different from what its fans have enjoyed so far. This first season will feature nine anime version episodes that were made by seven Japanese animation studios, which enjoyed creative freedom to tell the stories they wanted to tell. With a unique artistic style, these short films are not tied to the canon of the saga, so we will surely find many surprises.