Incredible! These Latin American Paralympic Athletes broke Records in Tokyo

These are some Latinos Paralympic athletes who have made histoy in these Tokyo 2020 games.

Carlos Daniel Serrano and Poleth Mendes

Photo: LatinAmerican Post

LatinAmerican Post| Juan Manuel Londoño

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The Paralympics have already started and, as always, Latin American athletes are fighting, not only to get gold, silver or bronze, but also the recognition they deserve.

This is especially outrageous as in some countries (like Colombia) Paralympic athletes are far more successful than their Olympic counterparts. The games have not ended and the Paralympic delegation already has 21 medals (at the end of this edition), compared to the 5 that the entire Colombian Olympic delegation achieved in total.

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It is for this reason that today, in Latinamerican post, we want to highlight those Latin American athletes who have given their best to represent our continent. Without further ado, here are the Paralympic athletes who have broken records in Tokyo.

Latin Amercian Paralympic athletes

There you have it, some Latino Paralympians who have exceeded all expectations in these games. Remember that in addition to sharing their success on your social networks, seeing the participation of these athletes in the games is the best way to support them. They more than deserve it.