Latin America in Short: Venezuelan Opposition Goes to Elections and CR7 Breaks New Record

Texas passes anti-abortion law and Venezuela will have an election with oppsition. A couple of good environmental news happened this week, and CR7 broke a new record. All summarized and explained here.

Nicolás Maduro and Cristiano Ronaldo

This was the biggest news of this week. Photos: Sports, Reuters

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The week ends and we know you want to know. This week there was a severe blow to progressivism and the fight for legal abortion in Texas. The Venezuelan opposition also confirmed their participation in the elections. On the other hand, at the UN, unleaded gasoline and air quality have become environmental priorities. Finally, Cristiano Ronaldo, in addition to his team change news, broke a new record. Find out about everything here.


Texas passes anti-abortion law and hits progressivism hard

A new law regulating abortion in Texas came into action last Wednesday, which many label as an anti-abortion regulation. For almost half a century, women in the United States have been able to choose abortion until the fetus is viable (week 22 or 24). The new law does not allow this procedure to be performed after the sixth week. The groups opposed to the measure defend that this window of time is short and many women do not even know that they are pregnant at that time.

Progressive, "pro-choice" movements and the Democratic party were waiting for an injunction from the Supreme Court. However, the highest institution of North American justice, with a conservative majority, voted 5-4 in favor of not blocking the law in the southern state of Texas.


Venezuelan opposition confirms its participation in upcoming elections

After several attempts to sabotage different elections, the opposition decides to compete once again together against Chavismo. In this way, the groups opposed to Chavismo will go together for the regional elections (mayors and governors) on November 21.

The previous position of the opposition parties to the Maduro government was consistent with undemocratic actions, the co-optation of control entities, and accusations of fraud that had existed since the 2018 presidential elections.

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No more leaded gasoline - a breakthrough for the environment and human health

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has worked in the last 19 years in a campaign for the elimination of this poisonous substance that poses a risk to both the environment and human health. As a result of this, according to the organization, the last stocks of the leaded gasoline ran out in July.

Algeria was the only country that still traded this type of gasoline. For UNEP, its eradication marks a historic milestone. Leaded gasoline polluted the air, soils, and drinking water, which is why it is one of those responsible for the climate change that we are experiencing today. It also had an effect on human health, causing heart, respiratory and neurological diseases.


Air quality should be a right

One of the main UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 is a healthy environment, which of course includes air. However, according to data from a recent UNEP report, 34% of the world's countries do not legally protect the outside air, even though 31% of this number have the legal and economic opportunities to do so.

On the other hand, the WHO considers that air quality is the greatest environmental risk for human health, since 92% of the world's population lives in places where the air has high levels of pollution.


Cristiano Ronaldo broke new record

CR7 never tires of breaking records. This week, he became the top scorer at the national team level, after beating Iranian Ale Daei, who scored 109 goals in his career. With his brace against Ireland on September 1, Ronaldo scored 111 goals and broke this mark. For this and for his arrival at Manchester United, Cristiano this week monopolized the headlines of newspapers around the world.

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