"No Time to Die": the Last Adventure of 007 by Daniel Craig

We present you all the details you should know about movie number 25 of the famous secret agent James Bond.

Daniel Craig in the James Bond movie, No time to die

Despite having some creative problems at the beginning, the director Cary Fukunaga and the regular writers of the franchise, Neal Purvis and Robert Wad, managed to carry out a project that promises to give us many surprises. Photo: IG-007

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Action, spying, epic villains, secret agents, and a legendary introduction, are some of the elements that spice up one of the greatest sagas in the film industry. James Bond is a world icon and this is demonstrated by his films, which have had the distinction of having six different actors so far. This is how "No Time to Die" will be the 25th to hit theaters, on September 30, and it will also mean the farewell of Daniel Craig from the character.

In the midst of a series of delays and date changes in production, the character created by writer Ian Fleming will once again have new adventures that were able to catch millions of fans with his latest trailer. And is that despite having some creative problems at the beginning, the director Cary Fukunaga and the usual scriptwriters of the franchise, Neal Purvis and Robert Wad, managed to carry out a project that promises to give us many surprises.

One last chance to save the world

Devoting years to MI6 and an entire career in the world of espionage is so exhausting that even 007 deserves a break. Hence the plot of "No Time to Die", as Bond left the service and is enjoying his new life in peace. But it won't last long. An old friend of the CIA appears asking for his help to rescue a kidnapped scientist, to which he agrees without knowing that the mission will be complicated and will lead him to a villain armed with new and dangerous technology.

It should be noted that in this latest adventure by Daniel Craig as 007 we will see some regular characters and others who will be making their premiere. Ralph Fiennes returns as Gareth Mallory / M, head of MI6; Léa Seydoux as Madeleine Swann, Bond's love interest with a connection to the villain; Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny, M's assistant; Ben Whishaw as Q, the MI6 worker who arms Bond with sophisticated equipment, and Rory Kinnear as Bill Tanner, MI6 chief of staff.

Regarding the new additions, Rami Malek will be the villain of the film by playing Lyutsifer Safin, a character who will be a difficult challenge for Bond in every way. Lashana Lynch will play Nomi, an Agent 00 who was activated as 007 after Bond's retirement. While Ana de Armas will put the Latin touch with her character Paloma, a CIA agent who will help Bond and will play a key role in the plot.

The cast is completed by Billy Magnussen, as CIA agent Logan Ash; Dali Benssalah as Primo, a new assassin Bond must deal with; and David Dencik as Valdo Obruchev, the kidnapped scientist. Also, among the returns are Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter, an ally of Bond and who did not appear in the tapes "Skyfall" or "Specter"; and Christoph Waltz as Blofeld, a villain who was captured during the events of "Specter."

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The connection of all the villains in the saga

In 2006 Daniel Craig's adventure as James Bond began and since then there have been a total of four films (five if we count "No Time to Die") where we have seen the rudest, serious, and methodical 007 of all. However, the spotlight has also fallen on their respective villains, who throughout this particular saga are connected by a secret terrorist organization called SPECTER.

During the events of "Casino Royale" (2006) Bond had to confront Le Chiffre, a banker who was part of a terrorist organization, which became known during the film "Quantum of Solace" (2008) that it was called Quantum, and that It also had Dominic Greene as one of its most prominent members. For his part, in "Skyfall" (2012) the figure of the villain fell on Raoul Silva, a cyberterrorist who sought revenge on those he considered responsible for betraying him when he belonged to MI6.

But it was actually during "Specter" (2015) that the organization finally made its appearance, further revealing that both Quantum and Raoul Silva were nothing more than subsidiary arms of SPECTER. Ernst Stavro Blofeld, leader of the organization whose goal is to dominate the world, made his entrance here. Finally, in "No Time to Die" we will see a mysterious supervillain in Safin who will bring out the talent and intelligence for which he was recruited by SPECTER. And in other words, there will be no time to die in movie 25 of this legendary franchise.