Latin America in Short: Mexico Decriminalizes Abortion And Bolsonaro Calms The Tension

The Mexican Supreme Court decriminalizes abortion, Bolsonaro has moderated his speech, Pelé shows improvements in his health and more news explained here .

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These were the most relevant news of the week. Photos: Wikimedia-Martinbayo, TW-jairbolsonaro

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Two favorable news for Latin American progressivism: Mexico decriminalizes abortion and Bolsonaro moderates his speech throughout the week. On the environment, the news is not so good: studies this week have shown the impact of poor air quality and bottled water. On the other hand, in sports, Pelé shows improvement in his health and offers his condolences to his friend Roberto Carlos. Everything explained here.

Mexican Supreme Court decriminalizes abortion

Mexico makes history after the highest judicial body ruled in favor of decriminalizing the voluntary interruption of pregnancy. The ruling occurred when the plenary session of the magistrates voted for the state of Coahuila to modify its Penal Code that imposed 1 to 3 years in prison for a woman who has voluntarily aborted.

It is important to clarify that so far, the ruling only obliges Coahuila to make said modification. However, experts say that the decision still sets a precedent that will surely be applied to all other states. In subsequent rulings, the judges will not issue criminal sentences for all cases. In this way, the state government of Coahuila ordered the release of all women imprisoned for the crime of abortion.


Bolsonaro regulates and ensures respect for institutions

After having called a massive march on Brazil's independence day to protest against the Federal Supreme Court, the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, regulates and qualifies his speech. The Brazilian president assured in a statement that his intention is to respect the division of powers.

This regulation comes after weeks of high tension between Bolsonaro and Luiz Fux, president of the TSF. In response to the confrontational speech of the head of state, the magistrate had clarified that any of the court's decisions constitute a crime.

Bolsonaro has criticized the electoral system, warned of the alleged risk of fraud for the next elections without any proof; Additionally, he had asked the Senate to remove Judge Alexandre de Moraes, who is investigating Bolsonaro himself and people close to him for spreading false news.

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The environmental impact of bottled water is 3,500 times higher than that of tap water

A study carried out by ISGlobal and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, revealed that, compared to tap water and filtered tap water, water bottled in plastic generates 3,500 times more environmental impact. This is due to the excessive extraction of raw materials for its production and the contamination that it leaves behind both in its production and after its consumption.

Likewise, the study, which focused on the city of Barcelona, showed that drinking tap water can have consequences on the health of consumers, since it does not come completely clean, as it happens in many cities around the world. Experts then recommend consuming tap water but filtered, in order to take care of the environment and human health.


Air pollution causes seven million premature deaths a year

On September 7, the International Clean Air Day was celebrated for a blue sky, a date that seeks to raise awareness about the importance of adopting and supporting policies that take care of the air and keep it clean for the well-being and health of humans and planet Earth. .

This year the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) said that 92% of the world's population is exposed to breathing air with medium and high levels of pollution, which causes 7 million premature deaths a year. Likewise, he made a call to support and individually demand policies that protect the air in favor of the conservation of life and ecosystems.


Pelé's recovery advances

The Brazilian soccer legend was intervened on August 31 for a suspicious injury to the colon, but this week he gave a piece of reassurance to his followers on Instagram. There he also took the opportunity to send his support to the singer Roberto Carlos, who this week lost his son. “I am recovering well, but today I want to send all my affection, love and prayers to my great friend Roberto Carlos. I wish that God comfort your heart and that you are surrounded by care and light ”. Pele, 81, is hospitalized at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo.