Is J Balvin's New Album A Success?

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The Colombian Artist, One Of the Most Popular in Latin America, Released His Fifth Studio Album.

J Balvin

The Prince of Reggaeton decided to unleash his creative capacity, for which he launched a new musical work that is committed to being a much more intimate and personal album. Photo: YT-J Balvin

LatinAmerican Post | Ariel Cipolla

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J Balvin is one of the most important artists in Latin America. For example, during 2020, he was the artist who had the most views on Spotify. Likewise, he entered the podium of the most listened to around the planet, mainly for his album Colores, which he released in the midst of the pandemic.

Many would have imagined that he would not create another album for a couple of years. However, the Prince of Reggaeton decided to unleash his creative ability, so he released a new musical work that is committed to being a much more intimate and personal album.

The title of the album, José, refers to his own real name. Hence, the reggaeton singer has indicated that the conceptual idea of this new CD is that the world can meet José, who is his true identity ... and not so much his artistic "character". The truth is that the end result is sensational. Let's see more about this new production.

J Balvin and his new album

With 22 songs, José appears as a very complete and harmonious work. For many years, J Balvin was one of the most representative artists of the tropical scene in Latin America. For example, songs like Mi Gente were a real boom in nightclubs.

Everything seems to indicate that this new album will be full of new hits. For example, songs like In Da Gheto (with DJ Skrillex), Bebé qué bien te ves and Qué locura are positioned are great tunes. 

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However, it also leaves room for almost unexpected romantic ballads, as in the case of Una nota, with Sech. There is an iota of fun there, but also a declaration of feelings. Those people who expect a more intimate tone will find it in this song.

Something similar happens with the song that follows, which is Te acuerdas de mí, which includes the participation of Yandel. The most attentive will observe that it is based on the original song by the latter author together with Tego Calderón, known as Al natural, which had achieved relative success in 2004 for the chorus, which is repeated here.

As you may have seen, collaborations are common on this new album. Some of the most surprising are the female ones. One of them occurs with ¿Qué más pues?, where we collaborated with María Becerra. This song is close to 300 million views on YouTube. 

In addition, there is Poblado, where his compatriot Karol G. does a very interesting collaborative work. The same happens with One Day, featuring Dua Lipa. Perra, with the Dominican Republic singer, Tokischa, also stands out.

Throughout all these songs, J Balvin shows that he is much more than just basic reggaeton. He incorporates different genres into his songs, such as classic US hip-hop, Afro-Caribbean styles, and dancehall styles, in a very natural and holistic way.

We could say that, although the base is that of a smooth and fluid reggaeton, this work by J Balvin is the most complete of his entire career.

This amazing album is now available on all platforms!