"Scenes From A Marriage" And Other Productions About Marriage

Here We Recommend Some Movies And Series About Marriage That You Cannot Miss.

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Normally, marital relationships begin with a partner completely in love, but as time passes obstacles arise that it is up to them to overcome or not. Photo: YT-HBO Max

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Both film and television have become the ideal ways to reflect the different stages of our life. In fact, something as intimate and deep as marital relationships have been portrayed in them, showing that even the best marriages experience moments of crisis and tension. One of the most recent productions to join this extensive list is "Scenes from a marriage", a miniseries that since last September 12 can be enjoyed on HBO Max.

Love, hatred, desire, and monogamy are just some of the ingredients that spice up the marriage of Mira and Jonathan, who after almost a decade being together - and with a little daughter as a result of their relationship - face a crisis that forces them to separate indefinitely. Throughout the episodes, we will see how both individuals realize that their marriage is not being broken by some defect, but by the feelings of love and hate that divide them.

"Scenes from a marriage" is an adaptation of Ingman Bergman's 1963 Swedish classic of the same name, only this time director Hagai Levi chose to take the plot to an American couple starring Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac. The production was presented at the Venice Film Festival and was attended by both actors, who demonstrated fantastic chemistry on the red carpet as if it were a real marriage.

Marriage relationships in film and television

Normally, marital relationships begin with a partner completely in love, but as time passes, obstacles arise that must be overcome. Work, lack of communication, or dedication to the other are some factors that end up causing a crisis that leads to divorce. It is precisely at this point that one wonders if it was really possible to reorganize everything they built while being together or if the feelings of love have reached their expiration date.

We have made a selection of several films and series that explore the topic of marriage. From movie classics to productions available on Netflix, you can't help but see these stories as real as life itself.

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"The Story of Us"

15 years of marriage is a roller coaster of feelings. This 1999 classic has Michelle Pfeiffer and Bruce Willis as a couple who, after a series of discussions, realize that the love between them has faded.  The film explores the stages of this crisis, its consequences, and how children become an anchor for not moving forward.

"The Painted Veil"

In difficult times it is also possible to give yourself a second chance. This is what happens with Kitty (Naomi Watts), who is forced to marry Walter (Edward Norton) and thus leave her romance with another man behind. The couple must travel to China and it is at that point when the marriage enters an absolute crisis that will only have two ways out: leave everything or start over.

"Everything will be fine"

This eight-episode Mexican series managed to conquer Netflix since its premiere in July of this year. The plot is a faithful reflection of the relationships that are lived today, which give family importance despite adversity. Here, the protagonists are a separated couple who, in fact, have not managed to truly separate because they decided to stay together for the sake of their son.

"Marriage Story"

This is one of the most impressive films of recent years and it also had several Oscar nominations. This story pushes the characters of Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver to their limits, as a couple struggling to overcome a divorce that has affected them both personally and at work. There are no villains nor heroes here, but two people going through the pain of a crisis that they will try to remedy in order to give their son a stable life.