How To Improve Your Personal Brand On Social Networks?

Learn here how from the use of social networks you can improve your personal brand.

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Developing a personal brand is essential to succeed in the ecosystem, this will help people admire you and identify you among others. Photo: Unsplash

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The concept of Personal Brand or Personal Brand emerged at the end of the 90s from the hand of the specialist in business management practices Tom Peters, who stated "We must be the CEOs of our own company: YO, SA". The phrase allows us to reflect that the brand is not only linked to a product but also to a person.

This may sound strange, so it is necessary to explain its definition a bit and establish its importance.

What is understood by Personal Brand?

It is what people perceive of you, what others see and the mark you leave. Just as there are clothing or footwear brands, there are also labels that define each person. It is not only about the physical image, which is very important, but what your behavior is, how you work and what your personality is like. It is what people capture from the most personal product of your life that is nothing more than yourself.

Why it is important?

Developing a personal brand is essential to succeed in the ecosystem, this will help people admire you and identify you among others.

In a globalized world like the one we live in, where we are one click away from others no matter where we are on the planet, it is necessary to know how to develop a personal brand on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, among others. to introduce ourselves to others, especially in the workplace.

Here are some tips to help you improve your personal brand on social media.

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It is important to identify the objective of your personal brand, you want to be hired, you want to scale in your company or you want to sell a product. Whatever you choose as your purpose should be clear and consistent with what you express to others.

We are all a brand

In the digital age, all of us are a brand that starts to be sold from social networks. These can be good or bad, it all depends on how we "sell" ourselves to others. For example, if you frequently upload videos or photos of parties and drinks, you will be destroying your personal brand, muddying your image and prestige. On the contrary, if you are aware of your position as a digital label and add attributes to it, you will be transmitting a good concept of your brand.


Know yourself, identify the qualities that define you as a person. Establish results with your strengths and weaknesses, if you know them you will know how to sell yourself to others.


It is the place that the brand has in people's minds. Here the close relationship between the image and the environment becomes evident, ask yourself, what is the positioning of the people you know? You must work on positioning yourself in others, build it and make it the best possible.

Create two social media accounts

This is an aspect that you should evaluate when developing your personal brand. If you are linked to the digital world, it is necessary to separate your private life from your public one. Perhaps you can create two accounts, a public one in which you expose information in a manner consistent with what you want others to perceive of you, and a private one, in which you have the freedom to make publications less pigeonholed to the labor field giving it a more domestic air.

It is necessary to identify the topics to be published in each account. In public, you can address issues that improve your personal brand. For example, if you are an influencer focused on men's fashion, you should publish photos and videos that contribute to the development of the brand as outfit styles. In the case of a private account, you can publish personal topics in which you can express other less formal aspects, such as a daily routine or what you cook for breakfast.

In any case, you must be authentic, it is not about deceiving but about separating the professional from the personal. Be aware that you are the result of your actions and that your personal brand is what speaks for you in society.