Colombian Artist Johanna Calle Exhibits in Shanghai

From July 9 to October 10, the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art is hosting the exhibition Trees. The event aims to show the beauty and the biological functions of trees that are threatened today by deforestation.

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Johanna Calle was born in 1965 in Bogota, Colombia. Her art relates to urbanization, art from the region of the Andes, political minimalism, cities, women artists, globalization, and patterns. She studied visual arts at Universidad de Los Andes from 1984 to 1989 when she obtained her bachelors' diploma. In 1993, she took her master's at the Chelsea College of Arts, in London. Calle’s art usually portrays daily life in Colombia, but its message has a universal scope. Some of the recurrent themes of her art include gender roles, violence, abuse, malnutrition, poverty, urbanization, and communication.

The Colombian female artist is participating in the exhibition organized by the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, after its debut in Paris, titled "Nous Les Arbres." The exhibition includes 200 art pieces, from more than 30 artists from China, Latin America, India, Iran, and Europe. As mentioned by the Cartier Foundation, Trees will give voice to numerous people that have a scientific or artistic background that has led them to reveal their beauty and biological grandiosity.

"Trees" combines the work of artists botanists and philosophers, intending to celebrate them as a source of aesthetic inspiration, that will always be important for society. The visitors of the exhibition have the opportunity to appreciate paintings, photography, videos, and drawings. They also have access to reflections by artists and scientists, about trees as victims of deforestation.


In a recent interview, Calle mentioned: "Art is universal and I hope my paintings are appreciated just as they are in different places such as Shanghai and Bogotá. One piece of art can transcend languages, nationality, and frontiers. It is an honor for a Colombian artist to be able to participate in a tribute to trees, with paintings that represent Colombian trees, far away in China."

Calle is participating in the exhibition with her work named "Perimeters," in which she started working in 2012, and that includes several paintings that represent various Colombian native trees. Each tree has many fragments and is supported by pages from an old notarial book. Every one of her art pieces includes transcriptions from the Victims and Land Restitution Law.

When interviewed Calle also highlighted: "It is an honor to have been invited to exhibit my art in the exhibition 'Trees,' especially since I am the only woman artist is participating. Also, this exhibition is a big thing since it is the first time that my work will be exhibited in China." Her work "Perimeters" has been present at various exhibitions such as Bienal de Sao Paulo (2012), “Silentes” from MamBo (2015), Museo Amparo in Puebla (2016), La Maison France Amerique Latine in Colombia in 2017, "Nous Les Arbres," and currently at The Power Station of Art in Shanghai until October 10. This exhibition can also be seen by clicking here

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