What Maternity Books To Read During The Nine Months Of Pregnancy?

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Whether you are a new mother or not, here we recommend a series of must-see maternity books that you will enjoy while you wait for your baby to arrive.

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We bring you seven recommendations that have been written by maternity professionals and that will surely help you 100%. Photos: Planet of Books, Amazon

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Pregnancy is a wonderful stage in the life of a woman where there are usually a series of physical and hormonal changes that very few are prepared to face. At that point, you may have hundreds of questions and doubts such as "Will I be a good mother?", "What can I eat?", Or "Is this happening to me normal?", Which although your trusted doctor is Being able to answer you is always good to complement with the help that comes in the books.

During the nine months of pregnancy, it is also possible that you worry excessively about the least unexpected symptom that you feel since the responsibility of carrying a baby in your womb prompts you to want to improve your lifestyle to guarantee the health of both. In addition, we cannot leave behind the natural feeling of fear that childbirth and future parenting can mean, thus leaving you with a mixture of feelings on this fantastic path.

To the more than obvious consultations that you should ask your gynecologist, another positive point at this stage is to instruct you about pregnancy, and for that, there is a wide variety of books about it. It should be mentioned that you are not obliged to read them all, but to choose the one that best suits your needs and can solve all your concerns. That is why today we bring you seven recommendations that have been written by maternity professionals and that will surely help you 100%.

1. "The Baby Owner's Maintenance Log: A Record Of Your Model's First Year", by Louis Borgenicht

Although the particular title will make you think that you have an instruction manual in your hands as if it were an electronic device, you are correct. Explained with enough humor and seriousness, this book will answer hundreds of questions through simple prompts, tips, and curious diagrams. Without a doubt, we are talking about an essential guide for the "maintenance" of your baby.

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2. "The Rough Guide to Pregnancy and Birth", by Kaz Cooke

If you are a new mother and you still feel some fear for what is to come, from the hand of this Australian author you will learn all the secrets of pregnancy, birth, and baby care with a touch of humor. Through drawings and wise advice, this guide will not only help you understand mixed feelings, but you will also learn a lot during this new stage of your life.

3. "The secret life of the unborn child", by Thomas Verny

Did you know that the bond between mother and baby is capable of connecting their physical, emotional, and mental universes? In this interesting reading, you will know and learn a series of tips that will make your pregnancy an enriching experience, using simple methods such as your own voice or music. This classic recommended by pediatricians and psychologists will help you learn more about the amazing world of the womb.

4. "What to Expect When You're Expecting", by Heidi Murkoff

We cannot close without this classic of classics that today many still consider as the bible of pregnancy. This reading is so complete and enjoyable that there will be no doubts that you will not see resolved in one way or another, since each chapter includes a question and answer section. The book gradually introduces the topics that are divided by months and weeks of pregnancy.