Teresa Alarcos in the World of Digital Female Entrepreneurship

The book Entrepreneurs, the Leaders Who Change the World in the Digital Age by Teresa Alarcos, originally written in Spanish, will be available in English in October. Today it can be purchased on Amazon in its digital version.

The Woman Post | María Consuelo Caicedo Toro

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From Spain for the women of the world! This is the most appropriate slogan to present Teresa Alarcos to whom her interest in her business has led her to walk paths here and there to show and share initiatives, proposals for change, and high-quality professionalism that characterizes her. Although she studied medicine, she was always captivated by innovation and, at the end of the 90s, she began to work in practically unknown settings because, as she says, "almost nobody used the Internet in Europe."

Teresa remembers: "I worked in telecommunications, in innovation projects and disruption pilots." She followed the paths that her destiny marked for her and, in each business station she was learning and nurturing her professional assets, accumulating her experience.

To put aside for a time what she calls "the crazy life in which you work up to 20 hours a day." Teresa Alarcos paused to dedicate herself to being a wife and mother of twins who are 12 years old today. Without departing from her roles in her home, she tried counseling at an "artificial intelligence company where I learned what good applied corporate governance was all about and how interesting it is to attract investment."

Teresa never stands still. Parallel to her consulting activities, she founded a community of female digital entrepreneurs to help her fellow women on the path to growth. She also gives classes and lectures and is a writer. For God's sake! How do you have time? Only an empowered woman like her achieves it.

Her resume registers professional contributions in renowned institutions, industry, and foundations where she has left her mark as an executive woman, such as Vivendi Group, Lycos Europe, Yoigo, Eli Lilly, and ONO Vodafone, among other brands.

A Book Born in the Pandemic

A few months ago the book Entrepreneurs, the Leaders Who Change the World in the Digital Age was published, whose author is precisely Teresa Alarcos: "I was in Silicon Valley working on disruption issues and business models and I accumulated notes of my learning, discussions and comments that I gathered from this experience. During the pandemic, the confinement made me feel that my energy was dammed and I thought that women are hidden in our functions in society so I decided to make them visible."

Teresa has transcended borders in a tireless coming and going that has allowed her to meet many valuable women that she wanted to portray in her book. The pandemic opened the spaces for concentration. She wrote when everyone went to bed and was only accompanied by the sound of silence: "Coinciding with the 500 years since the Portuguese Fernando de Magallanes traveled around the world, I wanted to tell everyone who was the first woman who did the same and what I share in my book."


The objective was to open the window to disruptive projects of talented women that appear in the pages she wrote, which portray experiences from various places in Latin America, the United States, Australia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East where Teresa Alarcos found hidden talent: "This It is a cry on behalf of all through testimonies that are based on emerging business models that help the 20/30 agenda to achieve its objectives. Women do not have much time for networking due to the multiple functions that we assume and with which we fulfill."

The book Entrepreneurs, the Leaders Who Change the World in the Digital Age collects stories of failures and successes, learnings and tests, risks and satisfactions. "I learned from the perseverance of these women, from their intuition to detect social problems and seek solutions just because doing so is important and for this, they seek disruptive technologies. I learned from their humility, dreams, and sense of humanity, and the importance of teamwork. These women add up, they never subtract."

The female readers are fortunate enough to reflect on themselves, on their own life, their ability to solve problems, and the search for the precise opportunity to lose their fear of barriers: "There it is evident that there is nothing unattainable, only lack of interest, study, prepare. I bring readers closer to entrepreneurship. In a short time, we will all be entrepreneurs."

The Pandemic Leaves Its Legacy

Teresa Alarcos envisions the arrival of COVID-19 to the world as an unprecedented opportunity "for human beings and countries to realize many things that previously went unnoticed, our shortcomings, our weakness. It has been the ideal setting for the emergence of revolutionary inventions for health based on the help of technology. For once we saw that humanity comes together to help each other, to reconnect with books, meet friends on digital platforms, encourage each other and share concerns, live this experience together."

From the vision of this incredible Spanish woman in these times when it seems that we have advanced to overcome the rigors of the pandemic: "As women, we must turn our eyes towards investment, show our talent in scenarios that have traditionally been masculine, learn the financial language. It is proven that startups led by women are more stable, they remain more successful over time, and they are more reliable when we acquire credits. It is also proven that if we unite men and women as a team we achieve higher performance projects."