What Will The Super Bowl 2022 Halftime Show Have In Store For Us?

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One of the most anticipated musical events in the world of sports, the Super Bowl 2022 halftime show, began its countdown. Here we tell you everything we know so far .

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Starting to talk about the Super Bowl 2022 halftime show at this point can give us an idea of the magnitude of this musical event. Photo: NFL

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Starting to talk about the Super Bowl 2022 halftime show at this point can give us an idea of the magnitude of this musical event. Its popularity and importance are well known worldwide, and therefore organizers tend to start preparations long in advance, all this without knowing which will be the two leading teams in the NFL grand final.

As a small prelude, it is worth briefly recalling what happened in the last two editions, which left both positive and negative comments. By 2020, in Florida, Latino power was felt thanks to the talent and beauty of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. Despite criticism from conservatives for being "too sexy", this presentation is classified as one of the best in its history, contrary to what happened in 2021 with The Weeknd, who had a very simple show and without so many luxuries.

Now, with a view to a 2022 different from what was seen before, the NFL together with Pepsi and Roc Nation decided to give prominence to one of the most listened to genres in the United States: hip-hop. For this they put together a group of five artists who have represented the genre in recent decades, in addition to being winners of several Grammys and not to mention that three of them are natives of California, the state that will host the LVI edition of the Super Bowl in SoFi Inglewood Stadium. Could this halftime show be among the best in history?

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Five legends that will leave their mark

For the Super Bowl intermission to feature five or more live performers is rare. In fact, if we are looking for a precedent of such magnitude we would have to go back to 2004, when Jessica Simpson, Janet Jackson, P. Diddy, Nelly, Kid Rock and Justin Timberlake performed in Houston, Texas. Now, 18 years later, the expectations of witnessing a show full of talent and different styles will be possible thanks to five hip-hop legends: Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blige.

"El 13 de febrero de 2022, en el Super Bowl,  Dr. Dre, un músico visionario de Compton; Snoop Dogg, un ícono de Long Beach; y Kendrick Lamar, un joven pionero de la música por derecho propio, también de Compton; tomarán el jardín central para una actuación única en la vida. A ellos se unirán el genio lírico, Eminem; y la eterna reina, Mary J. Blige... Esto es historia en construcción". - Jay-Z en un comunicado a los medios

As a detail to highlight we have that since 2019 the NFL and Roc Nation, an entertainment company founded by Jay-Z, have partnered for the planning of the Super Bowl halftime show , having for this 2022 the largest collaboration of stars so far. But the strong influence of the New York rapper to align representatives of the same genre has not been the only determining factor, since Todd Kaplan, vice president of marketing for Pepsi (who will once again be a sponsor of the event), is also aware of the potential that is to gather to the most revolutionary hip-hop artists in California.

Also, this will not be the first time that this musical style has taken center stage on the biggest night of football, but it will be the first time that these particular artists have been present on the stage of a Super Bowl. Although there are still not many details about the presentations or if there will be more guests, the truth of the matter is that each one is expected to make a mix with their greatest hits so that they can cover the 15 minutes that the show usually lasts.

The trajectory of these five legends is as great as it is worthy of admiration. Dr. Dre is the winner of 6 Grammy Awards and also a co-founder of the Death Row Records label that gave Snoop Dogg his first chance before winning 17 Grammys. For his part, Kendrick Lamar is one of the most influential musicians today and has to his credit an Oscar nomination and 13 Grammys. Regarding Eminem, he is one of the best-selling rappers of all time and this is demonstrated by his 11 albums and 15 Grammys. Finally, Mary J. Blige's 9 Grammys were just the mouth-watering that led to her being nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

"La oportunidad de actuar en el espectáculo del medio tiempo del Super Bowl, y hacerlo en mi propio estado natal, será una de las mayores emociones de mi carrera. Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige y Kendrick Lamar se unirán a mí en lo que será un momento cultural inolvidable". - Dr. Dre para Variety

Almost everything is ready for Super Bowl 2022 to kick off on February 13 in Los Angeles, California. As every year, this will be broadcast on television thanks to different networks such as NBC, Telemundo, ESPN, or Peacock, and it will also most likely have broadcast on YouTube and other internet channels. It will only be a matter of time to meet the finalists of a night full of football and entertainment in true NFL style. Are you ready to enjoy it?