"Lo siento BB", A New Rarity Born From Reggaeton And Another Musical Genre

In the urban genre, there are several examples in which reggaeton and other artists join their voices to create a worldwide hit. The most recent protagonists of this rarity are Julieta Venegas, Bad Bunny, and Tainy with "Lo siento BB" .

Still from the video clip 'Sorry BB'

It is no secret to anyone that reggaeton has gained considerable space among the different musical genres that characterize Latin culture. Photo: YT-Tainy

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It is no secret to anyone that reggaeton has gained considerable space among the different musical genres that characterize Latin culture. It is precisely at this point when the collaborations take more prominence since their catchy rhythm is capable of combining the style of two or more artists to create a successful song. "Lo siento BB" is the latest from Puerto Rican producer Tainy, who, in an attempt to make a musical rarity, joined the voices of Bad Bunny and Julieta Venegas.

When we talk about the Mexican composer, the first thing that comes to mind is her soft voice and the sounds of a piano or accordion. That that pop style has been mixed with the urban movement of Puerto Ricans can only bring as a consequence a great receptivity on the part of their respective followers, and part of that has already been seen in the more than 15 million reproductions (to date of this article) from the official video that premiered on October 5 on YouTube. What is the secret of your success?

"La idea era agregar un interludio después de la canción y que alguien hiciera su propia versión de esta pista, pero de una manera más acústica, solo un piano y voz. De inmediato me vino a la mente Julieta, porque soy un gran fan y también porque hace magia con el piano". - Tainy

Tainy himself explained in an interview for EFE that although he is a reggaeton producer, he grew up listening to all kinds of music. The melancholic style of "L siento BB" begins as a ballad to finally move to a soft reggaeton, so the contribution of Julieta and Bad Bunny seemed the ideal moment for both of them to come together. In this way, the Puerto Rican producer premieres the first single of what will be his next debut album, Data, and where we will surely witness more unpublished collaborations.

When reggaeton meets another musical genre

The magic of music allows us to enjoy different rhythms and melodies, causing in us a series of indescribable sensations. Throughout its history, reggaeton and its artists have ventured into other genres to create some musical oddities, all thanks to collaborations with figures such as Shakira, Luis Fonsi, Víctor Manuelle, Justin Bieber or José Feliciano. Here are five examples of themes where urban meets another style.

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"Justicia", Silvestre Dangond with Natti Natasha

A song whose powerful message seeks to respect women was what ended up uniting the Colombian interpreter with the Dominican artist. The mix between reggaeton and the traditional rhythms of vallenato has managed to boost Silvestre's career, who has already collaborated with other artists of the urban genre.

"Bailando", Enrique Iglesias with Gente de Zona and Descemer Bueno

The trajectory of the Spanish has been marked by his versatility when singing in Spanish and English, but if there is a genre that he has known how to dominate despite not being his, it is reggaeton. Here he collaborates with Cuban artists on a song that caused a sensation in 2014 and was awarded three Latin Grammys. "Bailando" combines urban rhythms with some traditional Cuban touches and part of Spanish folklore.

"Magia", Andrés Cepeda with Sebastián Yatra

As the title of the song says, magic was what was generated by uniting the musical universe of these Colombian artists. Andrés is recognized for his pop-rock style and romantic themes, while Sebastián ventures into reggaeton with a unique style. In 2018 the idea arose to get together to record a single that mixes the urban with the tropical, without leaving behind the feelings of love.

"De vuelta pa‘ la vuelta", Marc Anthony with Daddy Yankee

In this new "join for history", Daddy Yankee and Marc Anthony bet on mixing their genres in a theme that became the sensation of the 2020 Christmas parties. Dance salsa or reggaeton? Why not both?

"Volví", Adventure with Bad Bunny

Another of the great themes that 2021 has left. The band's reunion with Romeo Santos was made with the intention of carrying out a concert tour, and to promote it there was nothing better than to release this single with Bad Bunny. The end result was a perfect mix between the typical sounds of reggaeton with those of bachata, visually accompanied by a joyful and sensual video.