Elder Scrolls Online Class Guide: Everything you need to know about the Nightblade

Nightblade is one of the more popular classes. The option to play as a stealthy rogue or a mage assassin was quite popular back when the game was initially released.

Rimvydas Vainius

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Nightblade is one of the more popular classes. The option to play as a stealthy rogue or a mage assassin was quite popular back when the game was initially released. However, unlike the Warden and Necromance, Nightblade is built more into its theme. This means although the class has access to DPS, tanking, and healing skill lines, the overall kit for a Nightblade focuses on the damage. So, although it has healing abilities, they are not as efficient as a Warden or even a Necromancer. If you still haven’t tried ESO, the best way to get it is to grab ESO cd key and get your journey started.



  • Burst damage and massive damage output

  • Quick-footed with lots of movement tools

  • Access to self-healing spells

  • Ideal for solo raids


  • Not much useful in a group comp

  • Limited access to buff skills

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Class Identity and Theme

As mentioned before, the Nightblade is more based on a theme rather than utility. It’s the perfect pick if you want to become an assassin or a DPS monster. But a healer Nightblade isn’t a viable solution.

Skills, Passives and Ultimate

The Nightblade specializes in mobility, massive single target damage, and escape tools. 

  • Assassination- The Assassination is the DPS skill line for a Nightlblade. It offers massive DPS and debuffs, critical and magic buffs to the caster, and also reduces incoming healing for enemies.

The Soul Harvest ultimate ability is one of the strongest single target skills in the game. On activation, the attack ravages the enemy with a spinning attack that deals magic damage over six seconds. It also reduces enemy heals and health recovery by 16%.

  • Shadow- Nightblades don't have any tanking abilities as such, but they receive a physical and spell damage resistance when casting ANY Shadow ability. Most of the abilities are utility-focused. The Shadowy Disguise skill lets you teleport away from your enemy while buffing attack damage when the cloak breaks. There is also a Veiled Strike that stuns an enemy when you snake upon them or attack them while invisible.

Veil of Shadows, the ultimate ability, conjures a ring of shadow, which damages enemies, slows them down, heal your allies, and reduces damage taken by 10%.

  • Siphoning- Siphoning skills do damage over time and grants a percentage of that damage back as heal. The siphoning skill line has the most healing abilities in the Nightblade kit. You can even heal allies at the cost of some of your own health with skills like Malevolent Offering. The heals are not significant and are far less effective than a necromancer or warden. You’re better off using a dedicated healer for support.

Nightblade’s ultimate Soul Tether is a unique ability. On activation, it stuns enemies and deals magic damage while healing yourself. All ravaged enemies are tethered to you and allies can hit tethered enemies to receive heals equivalent to their damage output.

The Nightblade action-packed class, offering close quarters battles and escaping into the shadows only to strike again and again. But without the proper ESO items and gears, you won’t be able to utilize half of those abilities. However, most players find farming for gear tedious and repetitive. There are now websites where you can buy New World Coins at a super cheap price. Not only do you save hours’ worth of in-game grind, but also get to play the game without holding improvising on your build.