The 5 Best Colombian Teams This Season

These are the best Colombian teams that are dominating in the Betplay League

Sports Tolima and Millonarios FC players

Colombian soccer is just a few dates away from concluding its second tournament in 2021 and the best Colombian teams are already shaping up. Photos: TW-cdtolima, TW-MillosFCoficial

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Colombian soccer is just a few dates away from concluding its second tournament in 2021 and the best Colombian teams are already shaping up. There are some big changes from the first half of 2021, but a few teams remain as dominant as ever. Let's look at the best five.

Atlético Nacional 

Atlético Nacional continues to dominate the group stage. In the first half of 2021, they led the standings, and this time they are still on top. It even seems that they could win more than last season because with 5 remaining dates they have won the same number of games (10). The team has only lost against Deportivo Pereira. Will they get the title this time?


Another team that remains in the top five is Millionaires. The capital blue has at this time 9 wins, two draws, and after only 3 losses. One of his best players is the center forward at the moment is Fernando Uribe, who has already accumulated 6 goals and 2 assists in 14 appearances.

Deportes Tolima

The champion of the first half of 2021 is having a good group stage, even better than the one that gave him the title. In that, they finished fifth, while in this they are third. In the second half of 2021, they have only lost against Atlético Nacional, the strongest team in the group stage. Will they repeat the championship?

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Junior F.C.

Of all the teams on this list, the "Jaws" set is perhaps the most inconsistent. This season they have drawn as much as they have won (6 games), but you don't see the material of a champion in them. Of course, they have one of the greats of Colombian football, Miguel Borja, who so far this season has scored 14 goals in 22 appearances.

Deportivo Pereira

Finally, the great surprise this season has been Deportivo Pereira. They went from finishing 14th in the first half of 2021 to being fifth in the standings today. They have achieved important victories against Millonarios, Junior and took away an unbeaten eleven game from Atlético Nacional.

The team's coach, Alexis Márquez, attributed his current success to a team that studies the game and knows its functions more than to a single player. “We instill that whoever is on the substitute bench reads the game and not just be a spectator and that's it. Everyone has to be in their position and understand what is being done to improve or maintain the level of whoever was playing ”he said in an interview with Gol Caracol.