Tips To Take Advantage Of The Day Without VAT

The date of the day without VAT is approaching and here we give you some tips to make the most of it.

Person carrying bags in a supermarket

The next October 28, November 12 and December 3, are the days in which the Government of Iván Duque will allow to buy without the need to pay VAT. Photo: Pexels

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The next October 28, November 12, and December 3 are the days in which the Government of Iván Duque will allow to buy without the need to pay VAT. Many have waited for this date to be able to take advantage and make several purchases. That is why we give you a series of tips so that you can take advantage of this day and make your purchases in the most efficient way and without regrets.

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Know the products that will have and those that will not have VAT

Not all products will be exempt from Value Added Tax. The Government determined that only clothing, clothing accessories, electrical appliances, computers, communications equipment, sports equipment, toys and games, school supplies, goods, and inputs from the agricultural sector will be, according to the limits and specifications established for each of these categories. those that will be without VAT.

Make a budget

The fact that there are products with low prices should not mean that you are going to buy everything that comes your way. It is important to evaluate priorities and get a budget that you are willing to spend.

Locate the shops where you are going to buy

It is not necessary to start queuing, remember that for the day without VAT, you can buy in the stores, but you can also take advantage and make your purchases online.

Identify your purchases before

Save time choosing. From before, check on the web what you want to buy, with what specifications, prices, colors and sizes. Thus, when you arrive at the store or buy online, you will save time and avoid long queues. Plus, you'll reduce the risk of inventory running out.

Early morning

Either because you make your purchases in person in the stores or because you decide to buy online, it is better to get up early. Remember that many people will want to take advantage of this day and doing it first will guarantee you access to the items you want to buy. Connect early and you will avoid dropping pages or web store failures.

Take time

This day will have many levels of stress. Many people will try to buy the same day so be patient and prepare for lines, crowds, or technical failures when buying online. The important thing is that you have allocated enough time.

Make your end of the year shopping

If you have a little more money, you can also take the opportunity to buy the end-of-the-year purchases. For example, clothes or appliances will be a good option for Christmas gifts and you can buy them on any of the days without VAT.

Take care of your safety

Not only is it important that you go with discretion, try to contact trusted people to help you transport yourself and where you can take your purchases safely. But also watch where you shop online. Check the websites and only use safe and trustworthy pages.

If you follow these tips, you will surely make the most of the day without VAT, whether in October, November or December.