Analyzing the Increasing Need for Real-Time Analytics in Tech and Business World

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Businesses incorporate analytics in their marketing strategies to recognize, retain and bring in new and valuable customers. It all leads to a smart, efficient, and smoothly run business.

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In simpler terms, big data is complicated volumes of information from diverse sources, which, when sorted with the right tools and technology to create analytics, helps businesses, organizations and the government make crucial decisions. Businesses incorporate analytics in their marketing strategies to recognize, retain and bring in new and valuable customers. It all leads to a smart, efficient, and smoothly run business.

In the present age, money is time. While general data analytics are used in every aspect of life, real-time analytics are becoming all the rage, and for a good reason. Real-time analytics help make accurate and timely decisions, be it in business, politics, healthcare, military, government or other fields. Big data has changed the way how businesses and other industries work and real-time analytics help measure and interpret these datasets to make efficient and informed choices.

Let’s take a look at some real-life applications of data analysis ;

  • In the military, technologists can associate different sets of information and draw accurate conclusions for live missions on time.

  • In business, it assists analysts in a market examination, product analysis, and overall increased productivity.

  • Real-time analysis of big data helps predict viewer preferences in the media and entertainment industry, which contributes to finding and utilizing new revenue streams.


Who Works on Data and Analytics?

Businesses need competent analysts with specific skills to excel in their field. Strong interest in numbers, critical thinking, and technical skills are a must for pursuing a career in analytics. Data visualization, machine learning, Microsoft excel, Structured Query Language are some of the primary technical skills required to become an analyst. Properly communicating the results with immediate management is also a critical factor.

The aforementioned skills can be acquired through a master's degree. Several universities have introduced new programs designed specifically for educating future business analysts. A good master's degree option is MSBA online for people busy with their regular jobs. This degree offers an Online Master of Science in Business Analytics.

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Industries Where Real-Time Analytics are Becoming Crucial

Real-time analytics is the process where data is prepared, measured, and presented as soon as it enters the database. Analysts streamline it using advanced tools, software and tech inventions to make it understandable, and conclusions are drawn based on those results.

The use of real-time analysis is benefitting several industries. Politicians are also taking advantage of it. In a 24-hour news cycle, the sentiments of people change constantly. Hence, politicians do not rely on outdated polls anymore. To run a successful election campaign, they need to know about the number of their supporters in real-time. A competent political analyst should know the law and government, and should be able to present data before it becomes outdated.

Fake News

With the advancement in social networking websites, everyone has the power to publish any news they want. It takes no time for a piece of news to go viral. But how do we identify if certain news, making rounds on the internet is authentic or not? Fake news has become a problem. It can make or break the career of a politician. To deal with this problem, many social media companies use real-time analytics to monitor the content posted by their users. They have systems that detect bullying and other negative comments. And inaccurate information about a person or organization is constantly deleted using real-time analytics.

Financial Trading

Stock market investment's goal is to buy shares at a low price and sell them at high prices. A few years ago, investors followed previous market trends and made decisions based on intuition. Therefore, bad investment decisions were common back then.

Now with the introduction of real-time analytics, all the present and previous market data are analyzed. Hence, informed decisions are made with improved efficiency.


Analysis of patient data in real-time can help predict future health or diseases. Patients are monitored and treated in real-time, which also helps doctors ensure and devise their long-term health plans for improved fitness.

Wearable medical watches and bands that rely on real-time data analytics have also become common. 


Real-time analytics are serving humanity on different fronts. This way of data analysis will become more and more common in the coming years. With constantly changing market trends and consumer behaviors, it’s no surprise that real-time data analysis will soon be used in every field and business to influence consumers and purchasing decisions.