Latin America in Short: Europe in Migratory Tensions and Checo Pérez Third in Formula 1

This week the political tension in Europe due to the migration crisis increased. However, in sports, Checo Pérez made history in Formula 1. All summarized here .

Boat with migrants in the middle of the ocean and Checo Pérez

These were the most relevant news of this week. Photos: Pixabay, TW-SChecoPerez

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Political tension increases in Europe due to the migration crisis. In economics, Elon Musk sells Tesla shares ... but not to end hunger. Regarding the environment, an agreement is dropped to reduce car emissions at COP26. However, there was also positive news this week: clinical trials for the breast cancer vaccine began and in Mexico, Checo Pérez made history in Formula 1. All summarized here.

Europe is experiencing moments of tension due to the migration crisis

A new migratory crisis (or perhaps a new episode of it) is currently being experienced on the European border with Belarus. This week, thousands of refugees from the Middle East (Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc.) try to cross the border that divides Belarus with Poland, which would mean entering the European Union.

From Europe, they accuse Belarusian president / dictator Aleksander Lukashenko of using refugees as a method of retaliation against the sanctions issued by Brussels. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki even accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of being the mind behind this crisis. Europe pressures Lukashenko for the lack of democracy that the West accuses in Belarus, and the "great last dictator of Europe" (as the Belarusian president is known) threatens to stop the flow of gas from Russia to Europe in a winter that is to arrive. And in the middle, hundreds of refugees who see in Germany, France or other Western countries, a new opportunity to live.

Elon Musk sells nearly $ 5 billion worth of stock

The eccentric tycoon owner of Tesla announced that he was selling 4.5 million of his Tesla shares, but not to end hunger, as he said he was willing a few days ago on Twitter, but to be able to pay taxes. According to the millionaire born in South Africa, this sale is solely and exclusively to be able to pay his taxes, since, according to him, he no longer receives a salary and this is his only way to get liquidity.

Tesla's price rose by 4.3%, to $ 1,068 per share, and thus fulfills another of his Twitter promises, when he precisely put the decision of whether or not to sell shares of his company to "a vote of his followers".

Breast cancer vaccine clinical trials begin

After approximately 20 years of research by experts at the Cleveland Clinic, human clinical trials have begun for a vaccine against breast cancer, which is recognized as the most common type of cancer.

So far, the trials are being conducted with people who have already had the disease aggressively, are diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, and who, after receiving treatment, have a high chance of contracting the disease again. Over time, the vaccine is expected to play a role in preventing the disease in its most lethal versions. The clinical trial phase is expected to be completed in September 2022.

Agreement to lower car emissions is dropped at COP26

One of the most ambitious purposes of COP26 was to sign an agreement so that “all new car and truck sales will have zero emissions worldwide by 2040 and, at the latest, 2035 in the main markets”. However, the proposal was dropped this Wednesday because several of the main players and delegates of this industry consider that this would be the end of combustion engines.

Countries that did not sign include the United States, China, Germany, Japan and South Korea. As for the companies, there are Toyota, Nissa, BMW and Volkswagen.

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Checo Pérez makes history in formula 1

Mexican Checo Pérez made history last Sunday when he finished third in the Mexican Grand Prix. Thus, he became the first Mexican in history to get on the podium in this competition. Pérez finished the race 17.7 seconds behind Verstappen, the winner. He even received congratulations from the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel Lopéz Obrador. "Checo is important because, as everyone knows, it had not happened that a Mexican occupied a place, in this case third place in this competition in our country," said the president.

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