New Skills for Successful Business

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The COVID-19 health crisis accelerated companies' need to have women in management positions to lead them to success. That is why most seek to form high-performance teams to innovate and boost their growth.

The Woman Post | María Carolina Rivero

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A recent study by the Stanford Research Institute in conjunction with the Carnegie Mellon Foundation and Harvard University published by the National Soft Skills Association revealed that 85% of professional success is due to soft skills and only 15% is due to hard skills. In addition, the data collected indicate that soft skills include several personal qualities, such as a positive attitude, communication, planning, organization, critical thinking, and teamwork.

Effective interaction and a positive attitude is an approach that emphasizes skills that are not based on the knowledge of each professional. These actions are delicate skills that develop from a full and rewarding life that the individual has with himself.

In her article "Strengths Coaching and Positive Psychology," Yolanda Aguiar Morazzani expresses that soft skills are considered a characteristic linked to women. Although there are no studies, a group of experts from Korn Ferry's division evaluates emotional intelligence in women.

On the other hand, the specialist team indicated that empathy and optimism are some of the particularities of women. However, it is considered that in man emotional self-control is strengthened with more emphasis. In addition, they demonstrated that competencies such as leadership, influence, understanding, conflict management, teamwork, and guidance prevail in women more than in men.

Women Have the Soft Skills That Entrepreneurs Require

1. Emotional intelligence: The female gender has the ability not only to identify one's own emotions but also that of others. This skill occupies the first place in the ranking of the most sought-after skills by entrepreneurs to strengthen their organization.

2. Problem-solving: Conflict management is part of everyday life in work environments because the criteria are varied between people. The recommendation is to strengthen communication in the team and work on a middle ground.

3. Critical thinking: This skill provides the opportunity to make constructive criticism about the company and, accordingly, direct strategies to generate new strengths.


4. Decision-making: This point requires a person with leadership capacity, which generates effective and quick solutions on any issue to be discussed within the company.

5. Creativity: Innovation in products and services is the key to an organization's success. But, for this, it requires staff with creativity to develop new ideas.

6. Service orientation: This point requires having impeccable behavior so that the client is satisfied with the service provided.

7. Sociability: Although COVID-19 put face-to-face interactions between people at risk. Digitalization and technology became a channel where users interact to offer and buy products.

8. Negotiation: Finance is one of the critical points of a company because it is the future of it. However, some people employ cognitive skills that greatly improve the development of the company.

9. Collaboration: Another important aspect is the fact of providing help to other women, to strengthen the mission of the organization.

10. Flexibility: Companies require flexibility in terms of schedules because the client will require a response and must be provided at the right time.

In short, companies will always need the leadership and creativity, and innovation of a woman. The result will be the transformation and evolution of the company.