Controversies In Soccer: 5 Fixed Matches That Generated Controversy

The clash between Llaneros FC and Unión Magdalena in Colombia adds to a long list of controversial fixed matches in soccer history .

Llaneros and Unión Magdalena players

Football, like life itself, is full of happy, sad and even controversial situations. Photo: YT-WinSports

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Soccer, like life itself, is full of happy, sad, and even controversial situations. As it is a sport whose convening power is quite high, it generates many interests that go beyond the world of gambling and money. It is no secret to anyone that fixed match scenarios are seen on any continent.

The most recent case to join that painful list happened in Colombia, specifically in the second division, where Unión Magdalena defeated Llaneros FC (1-2) in the final minutes after the local players stood still in the play of the second goal. With this result, the Union sealed their promotion to the first division under a wave of suspicions for an alleged artifice of the party that was evidenced on television.

Likewise, it is worth mentioning that until the date of this article the Dimayor (Major Division of Colombian Soccer), the governing body of professional soccer in Colombia, is investigating the case. In fact, the Unión Magdalena has not spoken out about the accusations, while Llaneros announced that he had initiated "internal investigations." Faced with such a situation, we have compiled 5 cases of controversial fixed matches that have been experienced in Latin American soccer.

Argentina vs Peru

The 1978 World Cup took place in Argentina against a background of dictatorship, corruption, and state terrorism. Brazil and Argentina shared a group in the second phase and everything would be decided on the last day to find out who would go to the final. Given this, FIFA forced La Canarinha to play first so that the Albiceleste would know in advance the result and how many goals they should score. In this way, and with the objective of scoring at least four goals, the Argentines thrashed Peru 6-0 so that they later won the final and their first cup. According to accounts at the time, the dictator José Rafael Videla visited the Peruvian dressing room prior to the game to speak with the players.

Sun of America vs Olympia

In the Copa Libertadores in 1989, one of the most controversial matches of this contest was experienced. The Paraguayan club Sol de América and Olimpia reached the last day of the groups with the possibility of both qualifying for the next phase, but for that to happen Sol de América had to win 5-4. And to "surprise" it happened! It is worth mentioning that the confrontation had been suspended due to a power cut at 24 minutes, so it was resumed the next day with the other result already known.

Uruguay vs Argentina

CONMEBOL's World Cup qualifying rounds are the toughest in the world and many know that. However, these have not been unrelated to certain matches arranged for the benefit of the teams that star in it. Heading to Korea - Japan 2002, Argentina, already classified, traveled to Montevideo to face Uruguay, who had enough a draw to go to the playoffs. Most controversial of all was the attitude of the players in the second half, who dedicated themselves to passing the ball without creating dangerous chances. In the end, the 1-1 led Celeste to the World Cup and the loser was Colombia, who finished with the same points but with a worse goal differential.

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America vs Monterrey

One of the strangest and most controversial chapters in Mexican soccer happened in the 92-93 season. The semifinals of the tournament faced América and Monterrey, which had the latter with a 1-0 advantage. The controversy began when a Costa Rican referee was appointed for the second leg, this as a consequence of the fact that América had complained about the controversial refereeing in the first leg. However, the change of judge ended up harming them, after they were annulled up to three goals for alleged misplaced that according to the broadcast did not exist. Years later, Hugo Sánchez told ESPN that that episode was the proof that in Mexico they also fixed games.

Peru vs Colombia

Another case between national teams and qualifiers happened recently with a view to the 2018 World Cup Russia. Colombia and Peru were measured on the last day with clear options to qualify as fourth and fifth, respectively. However, in the final minutes, it was seen on television how Peruvian and Colombian players spoke to each other to agree to a tie, knowing the other results. In fact, Renato Tapia later declared for a local newspaper that the game was "handled as it had to be handled" and that it was also Radamel Falcao who was in charge of speaking with the soccer players.