5 Latino Movies to Watch in December

The end of the year can be a perfect time to see some Latino movies that will make us think. Here we recommend the best you can find.

Frame from the movie 'Chichipatos: What a Christmas chimba!

We have selected 5 Latin films that, in one way or another, are related to this important moment of the year. Photo: YT-Netflix

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December always appears as a special period. This month is Christmas, which is a date that excites young and old, as it serves to understand the importance of love and family. For this reason, in this period it is also common to see some audiovisual productions about this time of the year.

In this case, we have selected 5 Latino movies that, in one way or another, are related to this important moment of the year.

Chichipatos: Qué Chimba de Navidad! (Colombia)

This film was distributed by Netflix and was released on December 17, 2020. Directed by Juan Carlos Pinzón, it is a prequel to the popular Caracol TV television series known as Chichipatos, which narrates the life of a clumsy magician that survives by providing children's shows.

Well, this film takes place in December, with the Day of the Candles (día de Velitas), which marks the advance of Christmas in this Andean country. All the characters tell funny anecdotes, with a plot that generates empathy with the viewer. It is a perfect show for the whole family, where Colombian Christmas traditions are also brilliantly displayed.

Luna de Avellaneda (Argentina)

This film completely appeals to nostalgia and the feeling of belonging to customs. Directed by Juan José Campanella, this 2004 film tells the story of a neighborhood club that has lost its heyday, as it is experiencing a very important social and financial crisis.

The film is inspired by the crisis of December 2001 that hit Argentina, so you can see different citizen dramas of that time. The message of this film is resistance, since the protagonists will do the impossible so that the culture of that club persists in time, despite the problems.

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Rome (Mexico)

Released in 2018 by Netflix, this masterpiece by Alfonso Cuarón was awarded the Oscar for Best Foreign Film. Well, here the story is set in the early 70s and tells the life of a middle-class family that has a housekeeper known as Cleo.

This film is perfect to watch this month, as it narrates nostalgia for the past. The remarkable thing about this production is that the entire film, which is completely in black and white, is based on the director's memories of his own childhood, so you may also empathize with them.

Una Navidad en verano (Peru)

Directed by the Peruvian Ricardo Morán, this story from 2017 allows us to review how beautiful Christmas was in childhood times. The film tells us about the life of Daniela, a woman who takes care of four children and, with a few days until Christmas, an event happens that reinforces the importance of love among the whole family.

One of the strengths of this production is the representation of children's fantasy. As children, we all waited for this date with great expectation, since it was a moment where all our loved ones gathered. Therefore, it is a good idea to watch it to remember with nostalgia those moments where there were no worries.

O homem do ano (Brazil)

Finally, we have a Brazilian production from 2003. Directed by the filmmaker José Henrique Fonseca, it is an adaptation of the book O matador, by the writer Patricia Melo. This film tells the life of Máiquel, a boy from Rio de Janeiro who wants to find his place in the world.

The story conveys people's expectations about life very well, such as the possibility of finding a good job or starting a family. Therefore, it is a good way to think about what are the goals that we have met in 2021 and what we have to improve in 2022.

We hope that all these December movies from Latin America will help you reflect and enjoy!