December just Arrived! 10 Christmas Songs with a Latin Flavor

The best month of the year just began and a fantastic way to celebrate it is with music. We present you 10 Christmas songs with a Latin flavor.

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From this space we want to wish you our best wishes and a merry Christmas. Time to enjoy! Photo: Pexels

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We all know that December is the most beautiful month of the year and the best excuse to reconnect with our loved ones to enjoy the festivities. As is often the case in all of Latin America, the main characteristic of the good atmosphere is music and that is why at LatinAmerican Post we have chosen 10 Christmas songs by Latin artists to make up the ideal playlist. From this space we want to wish you our best wishes and a merry Christmas. It's time to enjoy!

Cantares de Navidad, Billo's Caracas Boys (Venezuela)

We started the tour in Venezuela with one of the most popular orchestras in these festivities: Billo's Caracas Boys. Founded in 1940, the Caribbean music of this group has crossed borders thanks to its extensive repertoire and a style influenced by various genres. For this Christmas season, the Venezuelan group has this song full of joy that to this day continues to sound on all radio stations in the country.

Mensaje de Navidad, Diomedes Díaz (Colombia)

In Colombia there is an extensive list of Christmas songs that usually sound, even before December begins. And there is no musical genre that better represents its culture than vallenato, especially if the artist who gives the voice is Diomedes Díaz. This song -composed by Rosendo Romero Ospino- sounded for the first time in 1980 and since then it has been the cause of happiness and nostalgia for those who hear it, a mixture of feelings that is felt for these special dates.

Feliz Navidad, José Feliciano (Puerto Rico)

It is probably the best known song worldwide. The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter recorded a Christmas album in 1970 that has this music classic as its first single and that also has songs in English in its repertoire. It is worth mentioning that each year, at Christmas, both the album and this song become one of the most downloaded and transmitted songs in the United States and Canada. Without a doubt, it is a hymn to the Christmas holidays.

Farolito, Gloria Estefan (Cuba)

Another Latin artist who has strong influences in North America is the Cuban Gloria Estefan. For 1995, the singer released her sixth album (second in Spanish) "Abriendo puertas", where this happy song stands out to enjoy at Christmas. Under the rhythm of the drums and the inevitable guitar, "Farolito" is the living representation of how Latin people enjoy their festivities in a magical atmosphere that brings the whole family together.

Ilumina tu Navidad, Jesse & Joy (México)

If we talk about modern Christmas songs, this single released by the Mexican duo must be on any playlist. The pop style that characterizes them was mixed with some typical Christmas arrangements to create a unique piece that is capable of touching people's hearts. Launched in 2012, the intention of the artists was to seek to promote values such as family unity, trust and clarity through music.

Ven a mi casa esta Navidad, Luis Aguilé (Argentina)

The feeling that surrounds its lyrics, as well as the meaning of the message that the Argentine singer-songwriter wanted to convey made the song one of the most emblematic Christmas in all of Latin America. Versioned by hundreds of artists from different countries, nostalgia is present in each verse and in each melody, whose intention is to create a bond with other people whether you are spending Christmas alone or away from home. Precisely, those words are capable of uncovering the solidarity of good hearts.

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Aires de Navidad, Héctor Lavoe and Willie Colón (Puerto Rico)

The versatility of salsa has made it a genre that can also be enjoyed at Christmas time. Coincidentally, two of its best exponents published an album in 1970 entitled "Asalto Navideño", whose objective was to take advantage of the December festivities to liven up all the holidays. Here, Willie invited Yomo Toro, a musician recognized for implementing the cuatro in salsa. It should be noted that this album is one of the best-selling in the history of Latin music.

Navidad en mi Tierra, Trío Los Cangrejos (Argentina)

From Paraguay we add one of its Christmas classics with the greatest impact on the continent. The Trío Los Cangrejos was founded by Nicolás Pérez González, one of the greatest musical artists in the country, and brought together the talent of Luis Achón and Francisco Asís to perform popular songs of Guaraní music for more than a decade. This song stands out for its bolero style from the 50-60s, which is due in large part to the harmony that the three manage to create with their respective guitars.

24 de diciembre, Juan Gabriel (Mexico)

El Divo de Juárez is another of the great Latin American figures who released a Christmas song. In 1996, he released a special album with different styles of songs and this is exactly where this piece comes from, where you can appreciate his characteristic musical rhythms. The letter is full of love and is addressed to that person with whom you want to be during the Christmas holidays, but who for one reason or another is not possible.

Arbolito de Navidad, Pastor López (Venezuela/Colombia)

If we are looking for a musical artist that year after year does not stop playing every December, it is definitely Pastor López. Icon of these festivities, the singer-songwriter released an album in 1999 called "Navidades con Pastor" that has 19 songs where listeners do not stop dancing, laughing and crying. It is from there that this piece emerges, whose composition is exclusive to the Colombian-Venezuelan artist and with the rhythm that characterized him throughout his career.