Holidays Are Ideal for a Digital Detox!

People associate the word vacation with rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. But the latest way to escape is by doing a total digital detox, which can be very beneficial for you and your kids.

The Woman Post | Carolina Rodríguez Monclou

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We live in a society that is more globally connected than ever before. Consequently, we have watches that "ping" and cell phones that vibrate alerts and push notifications. And yet, studies show that people are more disconnected than ever. Depression rates have skyrocketed, and families spend more than half of their waking hours looking at screens. Undoubtedly, things need to change. We need to disconnect to reconnect.

There's a popular vacation trend nowadays, and that is getting off the grid. More people are searching for ships that help them get away from it all and disconnect. 

Among other trends, emails are not expected on the weekends anymore, and cellphones are not allowed anymore in meetings. The process of digital detox can be challenging for many people because there's a FOMO (fear of missing out). As researchers have pointed out, there's a dopamine response when we check out notifications. If we get thousands of likes in one picture, that makes us feel good. So, it's a real addiction.

Some tips to start detoxing are:

-Turn off the notifications on your phone.

-Do not bring your phone to the table: That's the time you should reconnect with family and friends.

-Make your bedroom a no-text zone. For experts, this is key to sleeping better.

If people took the initiative to take some tech-free hours, they would find more productivity, improving their relationships.


To truly enjoy vacations, there's an island in the Caribbean which have become a popular spot for families. There, there's no cell service and no Wi-Fi. With a 300 person waiting list, a converted fire tower in rural Oregon costs 200 dollars a night. Meanwhile, the island costs 400 dollars a night. Each time, people are willing to pay more to disconnect.

According to experts, the more you interact with technology while on vacation, the less time you're present. It robs you of the experience that you presumably just spent a lot of money to have.

Technology detox it's not only for adults. With growing rates of anxiety and depression and teens linked to devices, unplugging is for kids too. The benefits they can enjoy from getting a technology detox include:

-Long-term productivity.

-More ability to focus.

-Decrease of stress levels.

-More ability to be present.

-Feeling happier.

This proves that we could all use some digital downtime to reboot indeed. As children get many benefits from vacation time, it is essential to remember that staying away from technology it's necessary for their physical and mental wellness. 

Instead of letting them take their game devices or tablets with them, it's better to spend more time together as a family talking and playing together. Going on a trip with loved ones is the best way to create strong family bonds that allow kids to feel more confident and loved. These activities not only will rejuvenate and refresh their minds but will allow all the family to make a technology detox together.

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