Could You Become a Spider-Man Villain With Current Technology?

Although it is a fictional world, superheroes like Spiderman often face villains who have advanced technology.

Frame from the movie 'Spide

While we are talking about fiction, it is inevitable to wonder if they copied real life or, on the contrary, if true scientists were inspired by these comics to create their inventions. Photo: YT-Marvel Studios

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When Stan Lee and his team gave life to Spiderman and his entire universe, many people considered them visionaries due to the qualities that they placed in several of the characters in addition to their advances in technology. While we are talking about fiction, it is inevitable to wonder if they copied real life or, on the contrary, if true scientists were inspired by these comics to create their inventions. 

But we don't want to talk about Spiderman, but about his villains and the similarities that their tech has with reality. The list of antagonists of the arachnid is quite extensive, to the point that it is the largest in Marvel. With seven films brought to the big screen (not counting "Spiderman: No Way Home"), a total of eight villains have made an appearance to complicate the young superhero's existence, without being able to defeat him.

As is the case with superheroes, villains are rarely from this planet or have supernatural abilities. However, in the Spiderman universe, there are also those baddies whose powers originated after scientific accidents or due to the misuse of scientific technology, thus creating a debate about whether it is possible that these characters and their weapons can exist today

Glider and Tactical Weapons (Green Goblin)

The Green Goblin is probably Spiderman's number one enemy. In the first film of 2002, we saw how Norman Osborn went from being a great scientist to a deranged villain. This character is characterized by having, among other qualities, a glider whose manual controls are behind its head. This glider reaches a maximum speed of 140 km / h. and can support about 180kg, it also possesses a wide range of weapons such as smart missiles, heat seekers, machine guns, spreading blades and even a flamethrower.

At present, although there is a great variety of the aforementioned weapons, until now a glider like this has not been created. However, there are vehicles that do not depend on an engine to stay in the air but on the use of aerodynamic, such as the Perlan II from the American company Perlan Project.

Wings with electromagnetic harness (Vulture)

The first villain to face Tom Holland's Spider-Man was the Vulture, who is actually Adrian Toomes, a former electronics engineer who has a talent for creating inventions. Precisely, one of those devices was an electromagnetic harness with wings placed under the arms, which allows him to fly as if it were a bird and without much noise. For the MCU version, this villain used a portable drone capable of operating remotely under his command and whose assembly allowed him to land and take off vertically.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that for now an invention with these characteristics has not been created. In fact, the closest thing to the Vulture's wings might be an ultralight hovercraft, or in other words a paraglider.

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Special Effects (Mysterio)

Quentin Beck, aka Mysterio, is one of the few villains that does not have superhuman abilities, so he must depend on his talent with special effects devices, drones, illusionism, hypnosis and his great knowledge of robotics to face Spiderman. His helmet is made of unidirectional plexiglass and includes an air supply, a sonar and a holographic projector. Likewise, his boots contain magnetic springs and he is also capable of releasing a smokescreen that causes hallucinations and even paralysis.

The gases and hypnosis inducers are not fictional at all, not to mention that the suit also possesses different types of conventional weaponry. Simply put, being a special effects artist, illusionist, and actor could make you a real villain.

Vibrating Shock Wave Gloves (Shocker)

This case is similar to the previous one. Herman Schultz is a professional criminal who was able to design gloves that allow him to launch vibratory shock waves. With this ability, he can undo objects at a distance and even seriously injure any living being. Also, unlike the other Spiderman villains, Shocker behaves more rationally and even recognizes his own limitations in a universe full of superhumans.

Although these gloves do not exist in real life, they work like compressed air guns and create blasts of air at high pressures that result in a series of powerful impacts. Likewise, it is worth noting that artificial shock waves can also be used for therapeutic purposes for the treatment of different muscle injuries.