The 5 Most Listened Female Latin American Artists on Spotify in 2021

Camila Cabello, Karol G, Kali Uchis

It is not a surprise that Latin rhythms, with reggaeton as king, continue to set a trend in the great music markets. Photos: YT-Camila Cabello, IG-Karol G, IG-Kali Uchis

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The music streaming company pulled out its list of the most listened to artists and songs during the year. In this list we present the most listened to female Latin American artists on Spotify!.

Like every year, the musical world waits for December to see the Spotify list of the most listened songs, albums and artists of the year. It is not a surprise that Latin rhythms, with reggaeton as king, continue to set a trend in the great music markets. In fact, the Puerto Rican Bad Bunny, for the second consecutive year, continues to be the most listened to artist. And Latin women are blasting loud with reggaeton and Latin pop beats as well.

Karol G

This 30-year-old Colombian has had a very successful year. In addition to ranking 9 among the most listened to women on Spotify, being the first Latina on the chart, her album KG0516 was number 1 on the Billboard Top Latin Albums and several songs on the album have also been number 1 on recognized charts.

KG0516, Karol G's third studio album, was released on March 25. Since then it has been a success for songs like Tusa, Ay Dios mío, El Makinon, Bichota and Location. In it she made collaborations with Anuel AA, her ex-boyfriend, J Balvin, Camilo, Nathy Peluso, Ozuna, Ivy Queen and Mariah Angeliq, among others.

Its success, among other reasons, is due to the way in which it has vindicated the role of women on the stage of reggaeton and urban music. In addition, she has an overwhelming personality, which fills the stages she climbs on with good energy and manages to connect with her fans.


The queen of Latin pop could not be missing from this list! With her versatile voice and hips that never lie, this 44-year-old Colombian is once again on the list of the most listened to women of the year. Since her debut in the 90s, she has not stopped ringing and has reached the biggest stages, singing for the World Cup and the Superbowl, among others.

In July she released her single "Don't Wait Up" to promote her tenth studio album with the same name. This song, along with Girls like me have been their biggest hits this year and they have made the whole world dance again.

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Camila Cabello

Although she sings in English and her fame has emerged in Canada and the United States, this 24-year-old singer and actress was born in Cuba. Since 2018, the year she debuted her album Camila, she has had extraordinary recognition that broke out with the song Havana.

In July 2021 she released her single Don't Go Yet, the first single from her third studio album Familia. This artist manages to combine the best of American pop with Latin sounds, which make her songs catchy and her audience loves them. Additionally, this girl has become an advocate for the body positive movement and inspires her fans to embrace diversity. Also, she is the actress who played Cinderella for the Amazon production.

Maria Becerra

This 21-year-old former Argentine youtuber has had one of the most successful years of her musical career, as in January she released her first album “Animal”, which debuted at number five on Spotify's Top 10 Global Album Debuts. In addition, she was nominated for the Latin Grammy 2021 in the category of Best New Artist.

Her particular voice has made “Nena de Argentina” one of the most promising artists for the next few years. She has had great success in collaborations with the songs “¿Qué más?”, with J Balvin; "Wow Wow", with Becky G; And "Miénteme" with Tini.

Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis is a 27-year-old Colombian-American artist with a very diverse profile, since in addition to being a singer, she is a composer, actress, director and designer. In addition, her profile stands out for her versatility and foray into various genres. In fact, it was awarded the Grammy Award for Best Dance Performance and nominated for Best R&B Performance and Best Urban Music Album.

However, her fame in 2021 was due to her hit song "Telepatía", which is part of her second studio album "Without fear".

After these artists, the Brazilian Anitta and Marília Mendonça, who died this year in a plane crash, the Dominican Natti Natasha and the Argentine Tini are also on the list.