A Year Of Ups And And Downs: These Are The 5 Best Netflix Productions Of 2021

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2021 concludes for Netflix with a series of ups and downs, but with the satisfaction of having met some goals. Here we summarize the year of the streaming giant

Still from 'The Squid Game' and 'Who Killed Sara'

With a season of ups and downs, Netflix closes a 2021 full of excellent productions that knew how to hook their users. Photos: YT-Netflix

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Being the streaming giant is not easy and Netflix is very clear about it. His 2021 has been full of challenges, records, and the odd obstacle that he has been able to overcome to stay in the forefront of the industry. To all this we must also add the fact that it was the year where they spent the most in terms of content and that, of course, ended up being reflected in the growth of their subscribers.

Making a comparison, Netflix spent approximately 17,000 million dollars on content this year, 57.8% more than in 2020 and 35.1% more than in 2019. However, this did not lead to an immediate increase in users, since During the first quarter of the year it only added 3.98 million subscribers, a figure below the 6.29 million that they themselves had predicted.

But despite the slow progress in the first half of 2021, everything changed in a positive way when the platform premiered "The Squid Game", a fictional Korean drama that quickly went viral and brought 4.4 million subscribers to it. third trimester. The results increased the company's shares by 2% and revenues by 16%. And it is that to date, Netflix has more than 214 million subscribers in the world, with the United States leading (67.28 million), followed by Brazil (18.22), United Kingdom (12.75), Germany (10.7) and France (8.37).

The Top Netflix Titles of 2021

With a season of ups and downs, Netflix closes 2021 full of excellent productions that knew how to hook their users. From Ibero-American titles, through some events in North America, as well as a super Korean success, the streaming platform once again demonstrated why it is number one in this business. Here are the highlights in terms of movies and series released this year.

"Who killed Sara?"

The Latin American touch of 2021 in the streaming giant was led by this Mexican production created by José Ignacio Valenzuela. In this story, we meet Alex and his thirst for revenge against the Lazcano family, who framed him for the murder of his sister Sara in order to preserve the reputation of his name.

Why do we recommend this series? Its first season became the best premiere of a non-English-speaking series in the history of Netflix in the United States. In addition, the drama and suspense will reach unimagined levels, being able to turn the viewer into another investigator.

"Army of the Dead"

From the hand of director Zack Snyder came the best zombie movie of 2021. After an epidemic that affected much of the country, a group of mercenaries led by Dave Bautista had the dangerous mission of entering the quarantine zone to steal the vault of one of the most important casinos in the city of Las Vegas.

Why do we recommend this movie? Zack Snyder has us used to films with great editing and photography, something that he repeats again this time. Action, horror, and suspense came together to create a great experience that can be enjoyed by almost anyone. As relevant data, it was the best theatrical opening for a Netflix movie with $ 780,000.

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"Money Heist"

The conclusion of the largest robbery in the history of Spain has come to an end. After being locked up for more than 100 hours in the Bank of Spain, the Professor's gang experienced its most intense moments when the army went into action. This is where many of us wonder if the mission was going to be successful or if, on the contrary, they would catch everyone.

Why do we recommend this series? Action is the main ingredient here, but touches of drama and comedy also made for an enjoyable path where we were able to grow even more fond of each of the characters. It is also important to mention that it is one of the most-watched foreign-language series on Netflix.

"Squid Game"

In September, a series hit the streaming platform that quickly went viral all over the world. The story follows several people with financial problems who accept the invitation to participate in various survival games. With a millionaire prize for the winner, everything actually has a dark and deadly undertone.

Why do we recommend this series? Korean productions have given a lot to talk about in recent years and this is the best example. The suspense and drama will catch you from the first minute with a plot that broke audience records on Netflix, surpassing 110 million viewers and motivating more people to subscribe in the last half of the year.

"Red Notice"

Putting together the physical bearing of Dwayne Johnson, the charisma of Ryan Reynolds and the versatility of Gal Gadot in the same film could only be made possible by Netflix this year. An Interpool agent will have the mission of capturing the most cunning and wanted thief in the world, but it will not be an easy task and for that, he must ally himself with the least expected character of all.

Why recommend this movie? Beyond what it means to see those three protagonists sharing the screen, the plot is full of action and comedy like no other, not to mention that it will take an unexpected turn on the end. In addition, it is worth noting that it is the most expensive Netflix production with a budget of 200 million dollars.