4 social media strategies to promote your new album

Promoting an album is a significant part of getting your music out there and gaining recognition as a band or musician.

Maida Tahir

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So you’ve created some amazing new music for the world to enjoy. But your job doesn’t end once you’re done recording. In fact, this is where your job gets harder. 

Promoting an album is a significant part of getting your music out there and gaining recognition as a band or musician. You have to make sure your hard work and talent isn’t being ignored or looked over. So what’s a great way to make sure your brand new album is getting the attention it deserves?

Through social media, of course. Everyone you want to reach out to is on at least one social media platform. So boost up your online presence and get ready to promote your music. Here are some foolproof tips to get you started. 

Release an exclusive online preview

If you want to create hype for your album before you actually release it, one great tip is to release a small, exclusive preview of your album on your social media before it comes out. Let people get a hint of what sort of music you have to offer and get your fans excited about what’s to come.  

You can do this in a bunch of ways. Try hosting a live show and surprise your audience with a small preview of your latest album in between your normal sets.You can also go live on Instagram or Facebook to sing small snippets of your best new song or single for a live online audience. This will excite your fans and help you gain more traffic toward your online presence. 

Artist Lil Nas X had a few seconds of his song “Call me by your name” played in a Super Bowl commercial while Taylor Swift released a preview of “You All Over Me” on Good Morning America to excite fans. 

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Create your own album cover to share online

An attractive album cover is one of the most important factors for gaining traction for your music. A good album cover attracts the eye of your target audience and acts as a direct representation of your music. Not only that, but it’s also a great way to stay on brand with your previous music releases and create a curated brand image for yourself as a musician. 

You don’t need to worry about hiring a professional or having too much design experience to create your own album cover. With online design tools like PosterMyWall, you can get free access to a wide range of design templates to make the design process smoother. 

With tools like PosterMyWall album cover maker, you can choose the template that suits you best and add your own touches. Add the following to personalize it according to your brand image:

  1. Your album name right on top of the album

  2. A fun color palette that matches your brand and your music 

  3. An enticing image that compliments your music

Compliment your album cover art with a print advertisement that goes with your album’s theme. Just pick a good poster maker online, pick a template that works for you, edit, download and print. 

Allow fans to pre-order online

Setting up a pre-order will allow you to generate some early buzz by targeting fans who want to be first in line to purchase a copy. 

Allow fans to order your album from your website directly by setting up a special pre-order option and advertising it on your Instagram and Facebook stories. This will not only allow you to track how many fans go onto your site for your album, but will also give your fans new ways to get their hands on your music. Excite them with a special offer for a 15% discount for the first 15 pre-orders. 

Create a fun hashtag

Create an engaging hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to announce to the world that you have something amazing in store for them. You can do this in a number of ways. Add a photograph of yourself with the band on your Instagram feed and add in a subtle hashtag to the post that lets fans know they have something to look forward to. Try out something like #YourBand2021

You can also be more direct with your hashtag. Create a hashtag with your album name in it and add it onto all posts and stories that talk about your album or other upcoming music. Ask your fans to use the hashtag when they share stories of themselves listening to your album to generate more excitement around your new music. 

Final thoughts

It’s not easy to create new music. And that’s why you have to make sure your music is easily available to the world and recognized by all your fans and followers. 

Use these exciting tips to create your own foolproof social media strategy so you can spread your talent and have it appreciated by the world.