¿Are women leading the awards season?

The film awards season in 2022 has a peculiarity: women in an increasingly leading role. Here we review the favorites for the Oscars.

Frames of 'Spencer' and 'The Lost Daughter'

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LatinAmerican Post | Yolanda González Madrid

From Betty White to Meryl Streep, and from Julia Roberts to Lupita Nyong'o, women have conquered cinema with charisma, beauty and - above all - resilience over the years. Although the path It has never been easy, it is no secret to anyone that today many of them are the fundamental piece of the stories that reach the big screen and that are capable of captivating viewers.

With the start of a new year, the awards season once again becomes the center of attraction for film lovers, critics and even for the stars themselves. 2022 promises to give us surprises and in large part we owe it to the productions that premiered last year, which once again have the contribution of women in a more leading role as an essential formula.

Regardless that the stories are full of drama, suspense or comedy, a long list of female characters remains at the forefront of films that seek to be awarded an Oscar in 2022. In this sense, we have carried out an analysis of the favorites and the contribution that women have given to their respective plots.


With a main figure as magnificent as Lady Di, "Spencer" shows us an x-ray of the life of the Princess during the days in which she took the decision to separate and move away from her husband and the English royal family. In this game of contrasts, we see the protagonist feel trapped in a lifestyle in which he cannot fit in, showing an emotional state that manages to empathize with the viewer.

The film by Chilean director Pablo Larraín is set to win an Oscar for the masterful performance by Kristen Stewart, who was able to embroider Diana's feeling of emptiness and disorientation back then. Her transformation into Lady Di reaches optimal levels to the point of shining by wanting to convey the feeling of anguish and despair with impeccable precision.


"Even in the most difficult moments there is light when you least expect it." Under this premise, Disney presented its most recent animated production, which is inspired by Colombia, its culture and its people, and which is quite possibly the favorite to win the Oscar in its category. In this magical story we meet the Madrigal family and its members, who have the particularity of possessing special abilities to help make life in the town better.

But what is truly charming of the plot stars Maribel, a teenager who, unlike her relatives, has no gifts. This only enhances the greatness and simplicity of a character who, without powers, is capable of becoming a heroine thanks to to her courage and good heart that drive her to seek the best for those around her.

The Lost Daughter

Winner of several international awards, Maggie Gyllenhaal's first film as a director is already cataloged as one of Netflix's favorites in the next edition of the Oscars. Based on a novel by Elena Ferrante, the film has elements of drama and mystery to present us the story of a woman who becomes obsessed with another woman and her daughter while enjoying a summer vacation.

Of course, the center of the story is based on two female characters who bring the plot to life. In the first instance we have Leda, the protagonist, who is remembering her difficult years of motherhood and how she had to deal with raising her daughters while focusing on her professional career. In turn, we have Nina, a kind of antagonist who in the end will have a connection with Leda that will lead them both to face their demons.

Night of Fire

As one of the strong candidates to represent by everything high to Latin America at the Oscars is this Mexican film directed by Tatiana Huezo. Produced by Netflix, in this chilling journey we will witness the violence, but above all the lives and secrets of those who manage to barely survive these scenarios in Mexico.

One of the highest points of this film is the ability to narrate abstract and confusing experiences, mainly in women, immediate victims of this problem in Mexico. For this we will see the point of view of three girls who must face so much hostility and the need to escape this cruel reality before fear or death catches them.

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Parallel Mothers

Pedro Almodóvar's most recent film could not only compete for an Oscar for Best Foreign Film, but also for Best Actress thanks to what Penélope Cruz did on screen.Beyond the fact that the film has political overtones, what really stands out is the figure of women as the standard bearer of society, the one who should have leftahead alone by dint of your own instinct and convictions.

Here we are introduced to Janis and Ana, two women about to give birth who meet in a hospital. Both single and who became pregnant accidentally. The contrast of the characters is evident a few hours after giving birth, when the oldest must encourage the frightened teenager to face her new reality.And it is that the role of Penelope ends up condensing all the spirit of a film made from the heart.