The "Strange" Versions of Wordle that you Will Surely Have Fun With

The versatility of Wordle has allowed it to "mutate" into "strange" and at the same time funny forms

Cell phone showing the main screen of the game 'Wordle'

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LatinAmerican Post | Luis Angel Hernández Liborio

The game created by the engineer Josh Wardle has made the leap to world fame, it is as simple as it is interesting, which has allowed it to become one of the favorites today. Nobody knows if its growth will be ephemeral or permanent, but other developers have taken advantage of the momentum to clone Wordle and create "rare" versions, here we present some of them.

Wordle, a very noble game

The game was born in October 2021 but its growth has been impressive, going from just 90 users on November 1 to 300,000 in the middle of the same month. By the end of January 2022, its users numbered in the millions, to the extent that theNew York Times acquired the game for a "seven figure" amount, its intention is to use this and other games as part of a strategy to attract subscribers.

The success of Wordle is due not only to the simplicity of its interface and its concept, but it also offers a "healthy" idea of ​​online games. Basically you have to guess a word of 5 letters daily, the game will give you 6 chances, in each one it will tell you if the letters you put are part of the word (marking them in gold) and if they are in the correct position (marking them in green). It's nobility lies in the fact that it's not an app, so you don't have to download anything, it doesn't ask you for any data, it doesn't cost anything, it doesn't have ads, and it's designed to need just 3 minutes of your time every day.

In addition, Josh Wardle commented that he had created the game with the intention of keeping it free and free from practices such as information gathering, ads and others that are highly criticized in thousands of applications and games in the world. For now, the New York Times page is the only official one to play Wordle. According to the newspaper, the game will remain free for the time being, although it is not ruled out that this may change in the future. However, if you are already addicted to Wordle, don't worry, there are clones of it in the application stores, some even with the same interface and others with variants that can be fun for you, without further ado, these are some of them.

The "strange" clones of Wordle

Wordle Daniel Fgr: The first version we will talk about will be Wordle Daniel Fgr created by the Colombian Daniel Rodríguez. It looks exactly the same as the English original, but is adapted for Spanish speakers. It has words already loaded until May of next year, so you can enjoy this option if English is not your forte. 52,000 people had already played it by January 9th and it has continued to grow. The best thing is that Daniel Rodríguez follows the spirit of Wardle, that is, not monetize it, not steal data and no advertising.

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Lewdle and Sweary: It is the same dynamic as Wordle, the only (and huge) difference is that it uses "swear words'' (lewd, sweary). The interface is the same, so if Wordle's “normal” words bore you, you could try these two options.

Squirdle Daily: Its name comes from a curious mix between Squirtle and Wordle, of course it's about Pokemon. Since the pokemon are limited and their names have different extensions, it was not a good idea to make it the same as Wordle, instead there is not a word of the day, but a pokémon of the day that you must guess with clues that are not letters but characteristics of it.

Nerdle: Numbers rule here. The rules are the same as in Wordle, except that instead of guessing words you will have to guess an equation and its result, with each attempt you will also see numbers in gold or green until you manage to find the answer.

Absurdle: The twist that this version gives to the game is simple but it will complicate your life. In each attempt the word will be different, the only clue will be the letters that remain even though the word does not. If Wordle is very easy for you, perhaps with Absurdle you can entertain yourself longer by thinking of more words.

Star Wordle: With Star Wordle you will be able to test your knowledge about the Star Wars cinematographic universe. The words come from the Wookieepedia, test how big a fan you are by guessing the word of the day.

Luckle: If you're one of those people who doesn't like to lose in games, Luckle is for you. In this version, you decide practically all the parameters, so your success is guaranteed. Without any problem, you will hit the first time, luck will be on your side at all times, so you will notice that the only objective of this version is to feed the ego.