Gallery: Latin American passports: Which are the best and worst in 2022?

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To travel abroad you may be asked for a visa, however, depending on your nationality, you will be able to enter more or fewer countries without further formalities. These are the best and worst passports in Latin America.


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LatinAmerican Post | Santiago Gómez

When it's time to travel, you must buy tickets and hotels. In addition, you must have your passport ready to travel. However, you may also need to obtain a visa to enter a country. But, if you are from Singapore or Japan, don't worry, you have 192 visa-free destinations. Latin American passports are not as powerful as those of these 2 Asian countries, but there are some more or less valued.

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These are the best and worst passports in Latin America, according to the Henley & Partners index in 2022

In the world, the worst passports in 2022 are Afghanistan (with only 26 without a visa), Iraq (28), and Syria (29).