7 political dramas to watch this election week

Colombia will live a new day of legislative elections and for this, we have compiled 7 unmissable productions based on political dramas to marathon during that day.

Stills from the series 'House of Cards' and 'Man of the Year'

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LatinAmerican Post | Yolanda González Madrid

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Laws, order, decisions, power struggles, manipulation, corruption, secrets... Whether we like it or not, politics is part of our daily lives and has reached such a point of importance that we also experience it both in movies and in series. What is behind these different scenarios? At LatinAmerican Post we bring you 7 recommendations based on political dramas for you to enjoy during election times. Let's marathon!

House of Cards

There is no better way to start these recommendations than with one of the most acclaimed drama series in television history. To talk about politics on the small screen is to talk about "House of Cards", the true Game of Thrones of this world. This production has characters ruthless and intelligent as Frank Underwood, a manipulative congressman who teaches us how to deftly pull the strings of power in Washington.

In total there are six seasons in which the constant evolution of the character played by Kevin Spacey is seen. Why see it? Because from the very first episode you will be hooked on the secrets and tricks that are required to obtain what everyone wants in the world of politics: power.

The Ides of March

Written, produced, directed, and starring George Clooney (among other great actors), this film is a true success of what many of us do not see behind the world of politics. The story focuses on a young man who begins to work as an assistant to the campaign manager of a promising candidate for the primary elections of the Democratic Party, and who during this journey will see how far he can go to achieve success in politics.

Why see it? In a few words, Clooney succeeds in portraying this fearsome world with lucidity and a few touches of intrigue, all of this to show us the dilemma that arises between ethics and politics that seem incompatible in the film.


Many productions portray the world of politics, but very few have the First Lady of a country as their main figure. With 2 seasons and 27 episodes to devour in the blink of an eye, this Netflix production portrays the difficult life of Emilia Urquiza, wife of the president of Mexico who suddenly becomes a suspect in his death.

Why see it? From the moment the first lady decides to flee, she also begins her search for the truth, which will go hand in hand with the controversial "game" of local politics. And it is that although it was one of the most successful Latin series on Netflix, it is said that the third season was canceled for reasons beyond their control (or political?) to them.

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In 2020, the former presenter of "The Daily Show" Jon Stewart made a film that satirically shows what the current political struggle is like. The story essentially centers around a Democratic consultant who helps a retired veteran-run for mayor of a small conservative town that tends to vote Republican.

Why see it? Beyond the contribution that an actor like Steve Carell adds to any production, this political satire leaves us with notes of intelligence and insight that take advantage of the typical clichés to show us everything that surrounds the political world.

El Lobista

You will surely wonder what a lobbyist is, and the answer lies with Matías Franco (played by actor Rodrigo de la Serna). It is a person who is in charge of managing interests to favor their clients who can be companies, individuals, and corporations. In this way, the lobbyist plays his cards to influence and pressure his contacts to get lucrative business for those who hire him.

This 2018 Argentinian miniseries features 10 episodes full of intensity, drama, and a touch of comedy. Why see it? Because it is a solid, credible, and intelligent fiction that cunningly shows us the universe where politicians, businessmen, judges, and other characters in Latin America coexist.

Man of the Year

It happens in life, it happens in the movies. In 2006 this brilliant film was released which is loosely based on true events. Here we meet Tom Dobbs, a popular comedian and talk show host who is encouraged by his audience to enter the world of politics, to the point of becoming a presidential candidate. Is it possible for a character like this to succeed in an election?

Why see it? It is worth mentioning that this is not a simple comedy, since it is a complex satire that incorporates nuances of dramatic tone and even political criticism. In addition, a film with the magnificent Robin Williams as the main character always comes in handy.


We close with an Emmy winner for Best Comedy Series. With 7 seasons, this series was one of the most acclaimed for the way actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus played Selina Meyer, a senator who is unexpectedly promoted to Vice President of the United States. Once she takes office, she will realize that she is not ready to do it, so she will have to juggle putting out political fires and keeping her private life in order.

Why see it? Not everything in politics has to be a constant drama and this is where the satire of this series makes it brilliant and refined. And it is that "Veep" is a production of politically incorrect politics, where its protagonist will try to maintain his composure and dignity in moments of total humiliation.