The Movies you Must see if you Liked "The Batman"

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These recommendations go beyond superhero movies as we look at the various influences that inspired the film. These are the movies you must see if you liked "The Batman" .

Still from the movie 'Sherlock Holmes' and 'All the President's Men'

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"The Batman" has achieved what few superhero movies have done: win over loyal fans and critics. Curiously, the last ones that have achieved it have been "The Joker" (2019) and "The Dark Knight" (2008), that is, tapes from the Batman universe. Matt Reeves' new film had everything against it: the difficult global economic situation, the failure of "Justice League" (2017), the shadow of Christopher Nolan's trilogy and the criticized choice of Robert Pattinson. In the end, the quality of the film has allowed it to be a success, if you liked it and want to explore the genres that inspired it, then you should see these recommendations.

A detective bat

Blade Runner: Without a doubt a reference in the science fiction cinema directed by Ridley Scott. We can observe a world in decline, the "hunter" Rick Deckard is responsible for "removing" "replicants" (illegal robots with human appearance). Over time, his research leads him to better understand them and even understand their motives for being in "resistance" against humans. "The Batman" features a similarly decaying-looking Gotham City and a Batman who must investigate to find the truth about his own family and understand the Riddler's motives for his actions.

Sherlock Holmes: Among so many film and small screen versions, the recommendation for this list is about the two films starring Robert Downey jr. and JudeLaw. Holmes is a detective who needs no introduction: his intelligence, physical ability, and arch-enemies are well known. Like Bruce Wayne in "The Batman", Sherlock is a character who uses his intelligence and physical strength to solve the mystery, in addition to also sharing his aversion to murder and the ability to decipher the coded messages of his enemies.

Strong political message

The Godfather: One of the classics of cinema, in this film directed by Francis Ford Coppola we meet the Corleones, a family of Italian origin that runs a criminal empire. The internal fights and clashes with other criminal groups undoubtedly refer us to the powerful criminal organization that determines everything that happens in Gotham City. The characters of Salvatore Maroni (who does not appear in the film), Carmine Falcone and Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin) recall the transitions of power between the Corleones. Also, in both cases the corruption of the authorities is notorious, something that negatively contributes to the chaos and violence that prevails in both films.

All the President's Men: Watergate was one of the most important political scandals in the United States. To secure his re-election, President Richard Nixon and his associates engaged in illegal activities. The investigation showed that everything was worse than expected, corruption reached every corner of the government. Thus, a cornered Richard Nixon resigned from the presidency. In "The Batman" there is a harsh message towards corrupt politicians who only help criminals continue to grow and at the same time that decadence continues its course towards a violent and dark society.

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Darkness and Obsession

Zodiac: A David Fincher film, it focuses on the famous Zodiac Killer who terrorized the West Coast of the United States in the 1960s and 1970s. His story has become a cult for followers of this type of news, because even today the crimes remain unsolved. At the time, the murderer addressed the police through encrypted letters that created a greater mysticism around the character. In "The Batman", in true Law & Order style, we can see Bruce Wayne alongside Jim Gordon trying to solve the crimes of a murderer with a fixation on puzzles and an obsession with Batman.

Taxi Driver: A classic by Martin Scorsese, despite the fact that the director has stated that superhero movies “are not movies”, specifically referring to Marvel. However, both "The Joker" and "The Batman" have been inspired by his filmography, especially Taxi Driver. In it, we see Travis Bickle, a Vietnam War veteran filled with obsessions, his deteriorating mental health driving him to violence. Like Taxi Driver in "The Batman", the night is a co-protagonist, which makes a good dumbbell with interesting monologues from the protagonists explaining their vision of society and their own lives.

Romance in chaos

Spectre: Bruce Wayne shares many of the characteristics of James Bond, one of them being the ability to seduce. In both cases they use this feature to freely investigate and even infiltrate. However, along the way both have found romance and love. In Spectre, James Bond must rescue Dr. Madeleine Swann from the threat of SPECTRE, a secret criminal organization, and along the way a romance and complicity arises between the two. Something similar to what happens with Selina Kyle (Catwoman) in The Batman, who helps Bruce Wayne in his investigation, but also begins to get romantically involved.