The Favorite Drivers To Win Formula 1 2022

The 2022 season looks to be spectacular. Here we tell you who are the favorite drivers to be the 2022 Formula 1 champion .

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After the spectacular closing of the 2021 season that defined the title on the last lap of the last race and with a tie for the first position. The 2022 Formula 1 season has the enormous challenge of overcoming it. The teams are already warming up for the first race of the season that will take place on Sunday, March 20 in Bahrain. The pilots already occupy their seats heading to the title, here we present to you those who have the best chance of obtaining it.

A Championship With Close Competition

One of the criticisms of Formula 1, like some European soccer leagues, is that the competition is reduced to a few teams. In other words, it is a very close competition. It is currently dominated by Mercedes Benz and Red Bull, who have shared the titles since 2010. The teams also have winning streaks that last for years, so the era of Mercedes and Red Bull will probably change in the future as it did. to other teams. Until that moment arrives, we will continue to enjoy the competition between the German and Austrian teams that have given spectacular championships. This is relevant because it gives us the top two favorites this year: champion Max Verstappen and runner-up Lewis Hamilton.

Champion And Runner-up, The Undisputed Favorites

With the dominance of Red Bull and Mercedes, it is inevitable to point to the Dutch Max Verstappen, the current champion, and the British Lewis Hamilton, current runner-up and multi-champion of the tournament. In 2021 they offered us a spectacular season in which neither wanted to give ground to the other, the title was defined at the last moment of everything. Both keep their seats on their respective teams, sending a clear message that the rivalry will continue on the track.

Verstappen has two elements in his favor: the first is his teammate Sergio Pérez, who was instrumental in winning the title and with whom he has created a solid partnership. The second thing in his favor is that he is still young and has managed to turn pressure into victories. He has not feared Hamilton and has competed with him face to face, achieving a historic championship.

In front of him is a Hamilton with a thirst for revenge. The 2021 title seemed in his hands until the last corner of the season. With a bitter taste, both Mercedes and Hamilton want to retake their place at the top. In his favor, Hamilton has a solid track record and all the experience possible. Against him, at least initially, is the change of teammate. Valtteri Bottas left for Alfa Romeo and his place at Mercedes will be taken by George Russell from Williams. The chemistry on the track between both drivers is still unknown. The learning curve can be used by Red Bull and Verstappen to not drop a single point from the beginning of the season.

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The Teammates, At The Height Of The Title

George Russell has a lot of work to do, he will have to adapt quickly to working as a team with Lewis Hamilton, at the same time that he will have to respond with results to the confidence that Mercedes had in him. Something similar to what happened last year with the Mexican Sergio Pérez. However, doubts about him dissipated as the season progressed. Now Russell must aim for the same feat and even fight for the title, something that Bottas did not achieve in his time at the team. Russell is a young driver, an important bet with an eye on the future.

At Red Bull, there is Sergio Pérez, the same age as Valtteri Botas, 32 years old. The pilot fulfilled his objective in 2021 which was to propel Verstappen towards the title. He even achieved 5 podiums, one of them the victory in Azerbaijan. Pérez has the ability and experience to win the championship, on more than one occasion he put Lewis Hamilton in difficulty for the benefit of Verstappen.

Those Who Can Surprise

Nor can the need to return to the top of the competition of teams such as McLaren, Ferrari, Renault, and Williams, mainly, be ignored. They emphasize Lando Norris of McLaren, Charles Leclerc, and Carlos Sainz of Ferrari. These three drivers stayed close to Sergio Pérez in the 2021 season. They have also experienced drivers who, despite the competitive difficulties derived from technical aspects, have taken advantage of their single-seaters. Without a doubt, for fans of Formula 1 2022, a more open championship with more competitors with a chance of winning the title would be even more interesting.

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