5 Best Phone Trackers in 2022

We’ve consulted with experts over at CTA.com to deliver the most accurate information about phone trackers, so let’s take a look at the top five options you should consider.


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Have you ever wondered about the particular contents or communications that a device user makes? It can be your child, business partner, or even spouse. You have probably realized the difficulty of accessing such data, especially if the phone user guards it with their life. Fortunately, we’ve consulted with experts over at CTA.com to deliver the most accurate information about phone trackers, so let’s take a look at the top five options you should consider:

1. eyeZy

While eyeZy is a phone tracking app that comes with various phone tracking functions. The free phone tracker app has multiple unique features that you can use to make the data process convenient. These features include:

Keystroke Recording

The application can record all the specific inputs a particular user makes to a target device. The app features an inbuilt keylogger algorithm that works in the background to collect these keystrokes. It then sends them to a central database, where you can access them through a user account.

Social Media Monitoring

The app also provides social media monitoring functions, including tracking profiles, downloads, and communications. It works well with all the typical social media platforms, and the stealth mode makes things even better. The ideal cell phone tracker apps also perform this process automatically, and this is what you can expect from eYezy.

2. mSpy

This list would not have been complete without mentioning the legendary mSpy. With over one decade of exposure in the phone tracking field, mSpy is another helpful suggestion for tracking a mobile phone. mSpy works well for anyone who wants to track a cell phone conveniently. It works on different devices, including Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Screen Recorder

It can also perform screen recording functions, including capturing how the individual uses the device. The screen record works automatically whenever the iOS or Android device user unlocks or accesses their device. The app collects the data and relays it to your mSpy account for easy access.

Location History Tracking

With mSpy, you also get real-time information on the specific locations that the device visits. However, these GPS tracker functions require you to be active in the location tracking function for it to work. The app will provide you with a detailed information roster of all the locations the device gets through. Plus, no one can customize the tracker app without permission.

3. Spybubble

Next on our list of best phone trackers is Spybubble. The reason is that this free phone tracker provides an excellent user experience and real-time phone tracking updates. Spybubble is also popular among users who want to start out by using a free cell phone tracker. It's also compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Below are some of its main features:

Call and SMS Tracking

The Spybubble app can help you track stuff without the target’s knowledge like calls, SMSs, media files, and more with ease, you can learn more about features like these in this article. The Spybubble mobile tracker collects text messages and aggregates them into an easy-to-use and detailed list. It also has a convenient search function for tracking specific types of SMS content on your mobile phones. It can even track the data on multiple devices.

Social Media Monitoring

While social media is an excellent platform for communications, people still use it for various forms of unethical behavior. With this phone spy app, you will find it easy to track the text messages, media, and more than a given device shares. It can track Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media apps. Similar to the other spy apps on your list, Spybubble can track both Android and ios phones.

4. Cocospy

Aside from having such an attractive brand name, Cocospy is another excellent resource you can use for phone tracking. While it's mainly a parental control app, you can also use it for other functions such as tracking business partners. You can also use the phone tracker app without jailbreaking or rooting. Here are some other features of the application:

Call Logs

With Cocospy, you get real-time updates about a device user's incoming and outgoing calls. While the app can't record phone calls, you will access each call's contacts and time stamp details in the target phone. You will also have access to the number of times the phone user calls each number.

Geo-Fence and Browser History

The Geo-Fence function lets you track the specific regions and google maps locations that your child or phone user visits. You can also customize the GPS location to give you a notification when the device trespasses the geo-fence. The Geofence also works on any android or ios device.

You also gain insight into the specific websites, cookies, and internet data that the phone user accesses. The tracking software helps provide this information alongside time stamps and access frequency data.

5. Spyzie

Designed by a team of professional software developers, Spyzie is another excellent phone tracking app for your needs. Like the other cell phone tracking apps, Spyzie is easy to use, intuitive, and perfect for different types of tracking. Below is a list of the main features of this spy software:

Message Monitor and Social Media Tracker

Does your child spend too much time on the phone? With any good phone trackers such as Spyzie, you can track the messages sent. As one of the best phone tracker apps, Spyzie lets you view their messages and the people they are messaging. It will also track the messages your child sends on Facebook, Instagram, and other apps.

GPS Phone Tracker

It's difficult to keep eyes on your child every day, especially when they go to school or leisure time activities. With the Spyzie phone tracker app, you can track the specific cell phone location that your child visits with their mobile devices.


There are various phone tracker apps out there that you can use to monitor various functions of any given device. However, you have to gain more insight into the best cell phone tracker functions for the best user experience. You can even opt to start with the free phone trackers, as you learn more about how to use such programs. Remember that most of them function well with iOS or Android phone brands.