The Most Anticipated Premieres on Streaming Platforms in April

Here we bring you a list with the most anticipated premieres that will arrive on the different streaming platforms in April.

Still from the series 'The Flight Attendant' and 'The Kardashians'

Photos: HBO, Hulu

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April kicks off the second quarter of the year and with it we once again have an unmissable list of premieres on the different streaming platforms . An Oscar-nominated movie, a reality show that returns with everything, series with new seasons and even a Latin American premiere, will be the productions that you can enjoy in the fourth month of the year. What news will Netflix, HBO Max, Disney +, Hulu, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video and Mubi bring ? See for yourself and don't let them tell you!

Drive My Car (Mubi - April 1)

The winner of the Oscar for Best Foreign Film finally lands on a streaming platform so that millions more people can enjoy it. Considered by many critics to be a masterpiece of cinema, the film by director Ryûsuke Hamaguchi tells the story of an actor and theater director who will have to confront the painful truths of his past in order to alleviate the tensions of his present, and to do so he will support a reserved young woman who is assigned to him as a driver.

Primate (Amazon Prime Video - April 1)

With the intention of offering more varied products and in collaboration with other countries, Amazon Prime Video will premiere an original series made in Colombia this April. What does this new Latin American comedy present us? All the figures of cinema and television age and that is normal, but for William Days things go through chaos and tension when he realizes all the consequences that this stage entails. The actor Christian Tappan is the protagonist of this series which is based on some true anecdotes of his life.

Elite (Netflix - April 8)

Very few original Netflix series manage to reach 5 seasons, but Elite is one of those. What started as a simple student drama with a murder in between will now rise to a new level. On this occasion, we will see how each of the protagonists will have to deal with the consequences of what they did during the last season. Accusations of sexual abuse, fits of rage, broken hearts, secrets behind another murder and many more personal problems will bring us an amazing plot this month.

The Kardashians (Hulu and Disney+ - April 14)

Yes, the Kardashians are back. And it is that after 20 seasons on the air on E!, the famous women will return with a new stage in their lives. This Hulu production will also premiere simultaneously on Disney+ and there we will witness a more mature version of Kylie, Kim, Kourtney, Kris, Khloe and Kendall, who will have to face intense situations at work as well as moments of joy with their respective children.

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Roar (Apple TV - April 15)

It will be a very productive month for this streaming platform, which among its original productions highlights this adaptation of the book of stories by Cecelia Ahern. "Roar" is nothing more than a small tribute to women and the different ways in which they go through and overcome their adversities with ingenuity. The 8-episode miniseries will present different stories where we will see how its protagonists perceive the true power within themselves. Among the actresses, the presence of Nicole Kidman stands out, who also serves as executive producer.

The Flight Attendant (HBO Max - April 21)

What started out as a mystery thriller turned into a fun adventure story that made this miniseries a hit on HBO Max. And it is that mixture of comedy, drama, suspense and with surprising plot twists, the second season of "The Flight Attendant" makes it one of the most anticipated premieres of April. For this occasion we will see a calmer and more sober Cassie who, in addition, collaborates with the CIA. However, everything will change course when he witnesses a murder and has a new international entanglement.

Barry (HBO Max - April 24)

How did the story of a hitman who wants to get out of that world and become an actor catch millions of fans? The answer is not only in its six Emmy awards, but also in the performances of its various actors such as Bill Hader and Henry Winkler. After three years of delay due to the pandemic, the third season will premiere to show us both the consequences of Barry's last acts as well as his desperate decisions to leave behind that dark life that continues to haunt him.