Pálpito: the New Colombian Netflix Soap Opera that Everyone Is Talking About

We bring you the review of "Pálpito" the new Colombian soap opera on Netflix .

Still from the series 'Pálpito'

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What is the price of a person's life? What would you be willing to do for love? How far would you go to save the life of the person you love? These are some of the questions raised by the new Netflix series: Pálpito. Touching on the subject of organ trafficking, which very few productions have addressed, comes this Colombian production that has become the most-watched on that platform. In this article, we tell you what it is about and if it is worth seeing.

Simón and Valeria are a happily married couple until one day, after suffering a car accident, she is kidnapped and murdered by a group dedicated to organ trafficking. The criminal organization is hired by Zacarías, and Valeria's heart is transplanted into Camila, without her knowing where it came from. For her part, Camila is a successful photographer who suffers from heart disease and is married to Zacarías Cienfuegos, a millionaire man willing to do anything to save her life. Chance causes Simón and Camila's paths to cross until they both discover the truth. He is in an unstoppable search for the truth about what happened to his wife, while she feels a strange connection with the woman who was murdered so that she could stay alive.

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A Theme that Does Not End Up Deepening (Spoiler Alert!)

Starring Michel Brown (Simón), Ana Lucía Domínguez (Camila), and Sebastián Martínez (Zacarías), this soap opera features a theme that is rarely discussed in this type of production: the issue of organ trafficking. From a first perspective, it shows us a very unbelievable reality for several reasons. The first, at the beginning of the series, shows an organization that is interested in helping Zacarías and in return obtaining the influence that he has in handling a presidential candidate.

However, Zacarías at one point tells them no and the only thing that happens is that the head of the organization, called Sarmiento, goes with the rival to denounce him. In these types of organizations, saying no to something is not an option. At first, this leaves the way open for Simón so that he can investigate and it is until the end that he becomes involved in the illegal plot. Finally, some of the characters fall into stereotypes and the head of the organization ends up being a cartoonish character.

From this perspective, "Pálpito" does not give the subject of organ trafficking the importance and depth that it deserves, since it is a very delicate subject. Although what it raises about the sectors of privileged people who can resort to this type of action is interesting, it is not properly managed. Thus, this problem ends up going into the background. Actually, the theme that the soap opera puts on the table is the moral and ethical dilemma that the characters face about the value of human lives.

Something that works very well in this production is the rhythm that it handles thanks to the flashbacks and the resource of remembering important events to nourish the story and give depth to the characters. The result is a dynamic story. However, the series abuses the main character's chance and luck to solve conflicts within the plot. From the beginning it becomes predictable. However, the series fulfills the function of being entertaining. It never promises great reflections on the problem of organ trafficking, but instead focuses on playing with the viewer's emotion.