Sajú: A Dream Based on Recycling

The environmental situation of the contemporary world has become the primary source of inspiration for entrepreneurs, who have found business ideas in the ecological activities promoted to combat climate change.

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In recent years, social and environmental responsibility has become an ideological pillar for entrepreneurs and their businesses around the world, which has impacted people's consumption habits, who are more aware of the importance of adopting sustainable behaviors for the good of the world.

In the context of this trend, many innovative, multifaceted, and successful businesses have been inaugurated. An example of this can be found in Latin America, especially in Colombia, a country that has been home to one of the most successful ecological ventures in the region, called Sajú. This company has positioned itself by selling glasses made from recycled plastic and is currently one of the most promising companies in the area.

The Success of Sajú

Founded in 2016, Sajú introduced the Colombian eyewear accessories market with a new, unprecedented product, inspired by the capuchin monkeys (known as Sajú in the Colombian Pacific), which use their tails to hang from the branches of trees. Under this concept inspired by nature, the company launched its famous "monkey tails," a comfortable and practical accessory that refreshed the image of all those who wear glasses.

Consumers received this product well, allowing the company to sell around 30 thousand units in Colombia. The success of this unique product empowered the business projections of Sajú, which diversified its commercial portfolio with a series of eco-friendly products, special eyeglasses made from recyclable materials, whose manufacturing process attracts the attention of consumers because the client may participate in the production line of the glasses, either by choosing the plastics offered by the company or by bringing their own recyclable materials authorized by the company for the manufacture of the glasses.


Sajú has been so successful that internationally known stores such as Adidas have decided to collaborate with them, allowing them to acquire greater visibility. In 2021 they sold around 2.3 million COP, and they expect to reach their first million dollars by 2022. Likewise, their portfolio has grown proportionally to their finances, with about 30 products in the market.

The company distributes its products in Uruguay, Perú, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Bolivia, and the United Arab Emirates. In the same way, Sajú plans to arrive directly in Mexico and the United States; and its products will soon start to be sold in Chile, Puerto Rico, and Ecuador.

Undoubtedly, Sajú is the representation that sustainable entrepreneurship is a reality in a world that demands more sustainable projects and better consumption practices. What has been done by the Colombian company should undoubtedly serve as an inspiration for everyone because it contributes to the sustainable development that the contemporary world needs.

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