What Are The 5 Most Expensive Series Of 2022?

The different streaming platforms no longer skimp on expenses to give a good product to their users. Here we tell you which are the most expensive series of 2022.

Stills from the series 'The Crown' and 'Moon Knight'

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What elements should a series have to become a success? Certainly, there are several essential things that are needed to achieve such a feat, such as an interesting plot or a cast that manages to connect with the audience. However, one aspect that many consider decisive, especially the production companies, is the budget. This detail marks the difference between having a production of visual and technical quality or not.

2022 is a year where the "war" between streaming platforms begins to be more even. Precisely, these small screens continue to aim higher and higher and have nothing to envy the film industry when it comes to putting money on the table. In most cases, the more zeros in the budget, the better the product will be, and as long as the product is of quality, success is guaranteed.

By now we all know that Netflix is the streaming giant, and despite being in low hours it continues to spare no expense. In turn, HBO is one of the production companies that usually hits the nail on the head when approving a giant project. Finally, Amazon Prime Video and Disney + begin to have the necessary experience to battle the first two with productions destined for success. So what are the most expensive series of 2022 and how many millions per episode did they cost?

The Crown

There is no doubt that this is the jewel in the crown of Netflix. Few productions have great prestige like " The Crown " and this is demonstrated season after season by the platform itself by granting it a good budget. It is expected that the fifth season will premiere in the last quarter of this 2022 and that it will definitively conclude with the sixth next year. The $13 million invested per episode shows in the period settings, costumes, photography, production design and a quality cast.

House of the Dragon

HBO already knows the formula for success and is determined to repeat it. As reported by Variety, the prequel to "Game of Thrones" will cost close to $20 million per episode, a fairly high figure when compared to the $6 million that was invested in the first season of "GOT". In addition, the producers assured that they will emphasize that the series is more efficient than its predecessor. How many dragons will we see flying through Westeros this time? It will be necessary to discover it from August 21.

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Marvel series

Disney + is determined not to save its millions to make great series. Since the MCU went from the big screen to streaming, the results have been fabulous. In this 2022 "Moon Knight" has already been released, whose success has been resounding, while "Ms. Marvel" will be arriving in June and "She-Hulk" will be arriving at the end of the year. As published by The Hollywood Reporter, all Marvel Studios series have the same cost per episode: $25 million.

Stranger things

It is not surprising at all that Netflix has wanted to bet everything on another of its franchise series. When this project was approved for its first season in 2016, the cost was just $6 million per episode, but such has been the success and expectations of this fiction that the general investment for its fourth season was $270 million, leaving a total of $30 million per episode. On this occasion, we will enjoy "Strangers Things" in two volumes to be released on May 27 and July 1.

Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power

For context, the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy that Peter Jackson made into a movie cost an estimated $281 million. In itself, this is a franchise that is guaranteed success and Amazon Prime Video knows it, so it bought its rights to extend this universe into a series. According to reports from Variety, the investment for the first season that will arrive in September is around $465 million, with an exact total of $58.125 million per episode. Will be worth? We hope so.