Legend Brand Award: Luka Modric Is Positioned Among the Greatest in History

The Croatian midfielder has just received an award within the reach of very few footballers. Another one in his incredible career.

Luka modric

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Luka Modric has achieved yet another recognition in his extraordinary career. Recently, he has won the "Marca Leyenda" award, an award that is given by the Spanish newspaper Marca to the most outstanding athletes in history. From 1987 to date, Marca has presented the award 85 times, and the eighty-fifth has been for the current Real Madrid footballer, wholly deserved after winning La Liga this season and being in the Champions League final, where the Spanish Club will face Liverpool.

From the same Spanish media, they highlight that this award is given to Modric because the midfielder has been one of the main footballers in this golden age that the Real Madrid live, where the club has won 19 titles since the Croatian plays there. Four of these tournaments have been from the Uefa Champions League, neither more nor less.

Of course, for the former Tottenham, the 433 games he has played, at 36 years old, with the Real Madrid shirt have also meant extra points in this decision that Marca has made. And if we add to that the 31 goals he has scored and the 73 assists he has distributed, then his value in this team makes him an indispensable player.

An Award Within Reach of Few in the World

As mentioned above, this award has been presented 85 times, and Modric is the first Croatian to win it. The Zadar-born man joins the list of other soccer stars who have received this recognition, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Pelé, Ronaldo Nazário, Palo Maldini, Kaká, Xavi Hernández, and Luis Suárez, among others. However, this award is not limited to football, as athletes from other disciplines such as Simone Biles, Marc Márquez, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Muhammad Ali, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps or Nadia Comaneci have also received it.

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It is no coincidence that they give it to a footballer who, to all the titles he has won collectively, must be added the Golden Ball won in 2018, breaking with the hegemony of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo; something that had not happened since 2007, when Kaká kept the trophy. Also that year he won The Best Award, after his spectacular participation in the world cup, in which Croatia surprised the world by getting into the final and finishing in second place.

A Career Full of Successes that Continues

In the midst of so many titles obtained and individual performance that has been constant and sustained over time, Modric continues with very high productivity and seems to have no expiration date, despite his age. He has participated in three world cups, in four European Championships, he has conquered practically all the titles that have been and will be, and he is already considered one of the best midfielders in history.

If the above were not enough, he has played in two of the best leagues in the world, such as the English and the Spanish. These are competitions and courts where he has exhibited his entire repertoire of multiple qualities, such as a clear and clean start, his impressive vision of the game that allows him to find the spaces that the vast majority of footballers do not see, his ability to shoot long distance, among many other abilities.

Luka Modric seems to have a long career ahead of him, and if the data is not enough, the Marca Leyenda award confirms that we are in the presence of one of the most impressive athletes of the 21st century. An example of professionalism, quality, and perseverance, qualities that position him at the top of football. And who knows, because if they win the Champions League final against Liverpool, they could continue to add to their legend, which at this point shouldn't surprise anyone.