NBA Finals: The Experienced Warriors Against the Unstoppable Celtics

The NBA Finals Between Two Teams that no one Saw Coming, the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics, are Already Defined.

Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics players

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Nobody expected the teams that will compete in the next NBA finals, which will begin this June 2.

The Golden State Warriors, champions in 2015, 2017 and 2018, will face the Boston Celtics, who have not played a final since 2010. Today we want to make a short profile of both teams, so you can get more informed about these finals.

Golden State - Return of a Champion

The Golden State Warriors are a team that has made five appearances in the NBA Finals since 2015. However, in the last 3 years or so since the appearance of the coronavirus, they had a difficult time advancing to the postseason.

The departure of their great star Kevin Durant to Brooklyn and the long injury of Klay Thompson (a key player who was off the bench for almost 2 years) were the factors that kept the Warriors away from another championship since 2020. Their best player Steph Curry just couldn't carry the team by himself.

However, this year Thompson came back stronger than ever and has been a key factor, powering the Warriors' offense considerably. Now teams defending them must focus on not just 1, but two elite 3-point shooters.

But without a doubt the X factor in the success of the Warriors has been Andrew Wiggins. The 2014 Rookie of the Year, he has had one of the best seasons of his career with a spectacular record of 15.8 and 7 rebounds per game. The defense that plays against Boston ace Jayson Tatum will be critical in determining the winner of this matchup.

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Boston Celtics- A team with history looking for its next triumph

The Celtics have had the toughest road possible to reach the Finals. They not only had to defeat the previous champion, the Milwaukee Bucks, but also the favorites to win it all, the Brooklyn Nets. Their excellent defense has allowed them to get to this point.

The two key players on the team are Marcus Smart and Jayson Tatum.

Smart is the team's defensive ace and leader, a player who is not afraid of injury and has stopped the best guards in the league on more than one occasion. His challenge will be to defend Stephen Curry, the best pitcher in all of history and arguably the best player on both teams. Will he have enough gas in the tank to chase him down this series?

Tatum, meanwhile, has averaged 27 points and 5 assists per game so far in the postseason. As the best offensive player in Boston, he constantly faces double-teams and this opportunity will be no exception. Like the rest of his team, a lack of finals experience could play tricks on him, especially considering Tatum tends to be a player who gets cold and hot easily.