Tips To Make Your Virtual Meetings Really Pleasant

With the arrival of virtual work, our agendas have been filled with meetings and events that occupy much of our daily time. Sometimes, we are overwhelmed by so many meetings that they become monotonous.

The Woman Post | María Claudia Londoño D

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The most important thing about reviewing the development of our topics and the points discussed in our virtual meetings is key to take into account some recommendations so that the time we dedicate is pleasant and productive and that we manage to be focused and achieve all the attention and disposition.

1. Send themes in advance: Thus, the participants or attendees will be informed and motivated to join the conversation. You can even schedule space and time for multiple people to participate. This way, you can promote cooperation and avoid monotony.

2.Log in early: Request participants or exhibitors to have 10 minutes before the agreed time to avoid technical setbacks. Disconnections, poor sound, and continuous interruptions are factors that overshadow the success of your meeting or event.

3. Use an icebreaker activity: You can share at the beginning an anecdote or information that is pleasant, introduce someone new, a curious fact about the company or the environment, or a playful dynamic, which helps to generate an atmosphere of trust and harmony.

4. Assign a moderator or facilitator: This person will support you with the introductions, keep the order of the meeting and compile a summary.

5. Rules for requesting the floor or intervening: To prevent interruptions, speak at the same time, or ask questions while a topic is being developed, ask members to use the tool's options such as raising their hands or writing through the chat and everyone will have a turn to present what they want.

6. Use visual options of the tool used to express emotions: There are different options, such as emoticons, graphics, and others, that you can allow and encourage to be used to applaud or express agreement or satisfaction and to promote opinion and active participation.

7. Use images or videos: From the beginning, you can share a screen about the topic that calls the meeting, present the points to be discussed or provide the speaker's biography. A video allusive to the topic or dynamically presenting a product keeps the attention of the attendee's active

8. Turn on the camera occasionally: It sporadically asks the participants to turn on their cameras to take a visual record of the virtual meeting before each break and when they return to the schedule, and when they take the floor. Identifying yourself is crucial since it fosters a sense of team and belonging to the group.


9. Short and specific points: Brevity and clarity are critical in keeping meetings moving. Try to send documents for review or related topics in advance so that the attendees/participants already have a context for discussing the topics. This way, they will also be able to identify with what is exposed, making the most of time.

10. Send readings or presentations by mail: By being brief and concise, the sending of the emails can be announced with the readings, presentations, and links related to the topics discussed, so that the scheduled time is not unnecessarily lengthened.

11. A grateful farewell: In the end, allow everyone to give feedback, express their opinion regarding what has been exposed, and finally, thank each one for their time and participation.

Maintain attention, encourage participation and create a pleasant atmosphere in virtual meetings. So everyone will connect with the best attitude every time you call.