40 Years Of E.T: What To See If It Changed Your Life?

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Four decades after its premiere, an entire generation fell in love with E.T . We recommend other movies that you can see in these 40 years of ET

Still from the movie 'E.T. The alien'

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There are productions that, despite having been released many years ago, transcend space and time, and manage to position themselves as the favorite movie of many people regardless of the generation to which they belong. This is the case of ET, a film released on June 12, 1982.

It was at the time the highest-grossing film in history, and rightly so, because critics and the public surrendered at its feet, and how could it not, if this film was precisely talking about space, aliens and the importance of friendship. A perfect mix for the boys and girls of that time and also for adults who grew up wanting to know more about a highly complex world.

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For the same reason, in the following article we will show you other films in addition to ET that have managed to mark all kinds of audiences, without feeling the passing of the years. You can also find some current film that in one way or another recalls those 80s that are still present to this day.

Back to the Future (1985)

The film starring Michael Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson is one of the most loved and remembered by the collective imagination, and the fact that it relates the adventures of a teenager who travels through time (in this case to the past and from accidentally) and who lives the time of his parents, impressed a whole generation and managed to propagate his success in the following years with two more parts. Its legacy is unquestionable and to this day it continues to be broadcast.

Ghostbusters (1984)

Considered the highest-grossing comedy of the 1980s, "Ghostbusters" combines the paranormal with humor, and that works quite well. Three scientists who are dedicated to research and who encounter a ghost begin to develop advanced technology that allows them to be caught and studied so that their business has some kind of support and justification. A classic film, which has resulted in animated series, video games, animated figures and other adaptations.

Matilda (1996)

Another American classic, and although it is not from the 80s, it does belong to the 90s that also had very outstanding film. For the film Matilda the years do not pass, the gifted girl who, despite the carelessness of her adoptive parents and the little attention she received, showed a passion for reading and learning that even led her to have supernatural powers. However, at the time it was considered a box office flop, despite positive reviews. Despite that, the optimism, the intelligence and the relationships that are formed make Matilda a feature film that is seen to this day, and that is not put into discussion.

Monster House (2006)

This time we have to talk about an animated movie from the 21st century, which could perfectly be from the 80s. Monster House in 91 minutes manages, with simple but captivating content, to show how three friends who seem to have normal lives consider that a house where an elderly man lives has some peculiarity. And they are not mistaken, the house seems to have a life of its own and does not allow anyone to even approach the garden, and whoever does is in danger of being swallowed. Animation, terror and youth come together to offer a film that, if it had existed in the last century, probably would have impressed more than one; It wasn't for nothing that it was nominated for an Oscar for best animated film.

Monsters vs Aliens (2009)

Another animated film, and this one has many similarities and differences with ET Despite the difference in years in which one and the other were released, in Monsters vs aliens there is a lot of humor, but there is also talk of aliens and other phenomena that captures many viewers. Just as there are films that managed to make a name for themselves in the 20th century by talking about events and paranormal beings, in this film a girl becomes a giant after a meteorite falls on her and she must face the aliens who threaten to conquer the earth.