NFL 2022 Will be a Battle of Quarterbacks

Tom Brady Changed his Mind and Returned to the Fields, Pat Mahomes Will Now have Russell Wilson as a Division Rival, Deshawn Watson Signed With Cleveland, But His Future is Uncertain, While Aaron Rodgers will Continue to be the Mainstay of Green Bay..

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The usual ones, the consolidated ones, those of the new generation and those of the future, in those categories the quarterbacks that will be in the next NFL season, which starts in September with the Los Angeles Rams defending their title in a circuit that, as it has been in recent years, promises plenty of parity.

In the middle of a preseason that has already seen its corresponding draft and that continues to experience changes of pieces, including many quarterbacks, the most important news to date is that Tom Brady reconsidered his initial retirement announcement and will play one more year with Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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In addition, the Western Division of the American Conference looks to be the most competitive of all because in addition to the stellar Pat Mahomes and the talented Justin Herbert, now the experienced Russell Wilson joins , who left behind his glorious stage with the Seattle Seahawks to join the Denver Broncos . Certainly one of the top 15-20 quarterbacks.

The usual ones

Brady, always Brady. After the historic Super Bowl won in 2021, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers stayed in the conference semifinals in 2022 against the eventual champion Los Angeles Rams, and a few later, the legendary quarterback announced his retirement. The decision left a void and a serious problem in the team.

Just a month and a half later, Brady reconsidered and stated that he would be serving the final year of his contract. He is the best in history and although today there may be many colleagues at a better level, his mere presence repowers any franchise and the league.

His generation will remain active and without major changes since Aaron Rodgers renewed his contract with the Green Bay Packers and a third season with MVP numbers is already in sight, as he achieved in 2020 and 2021, in a North Division of the National in which his team seems to have no rival.

The only important change in this category is that of Wilson, who not only leaves the club of his loves, Seattle, but also changes Conference in the final stretch of his career to be the quarterback of one of the teams with the largest fans in the world, the Denver Broncos, and also to play in what is possibly the best division on the circuit.

For many connoisseurs, the oldest of all, Matt Ryan, already has little to say, but the fact that he now plays in a team with a desire for revenge like the Indianapolis Colts can revitalize him and give him a new life.

The consolidated ones

The first on this list is Dak Prescott, the main reference for the Dallas Cowboys, who seems to be rid of past injuries and who is coming off a very good campaign despite finishing in the first round of the playoffs. Prescott is intense and plays hard, but character is still called for in key games, and in 2022-23 he has a new opportunity.

Pat Mahomes is considered by many to be the best quarterback in the league for two seasons. However, his ability to get off his markers and advance on the ground has been blocked in the decisive games and he has fallen short, so this season he also paints for revenge. From the start, he will have a tough rivalry in the division with Herbert, Wilson and Dereck Carr. He will no longer have Tyrek Hill, his favorite partner and that will force him to show his full potential.

The others on this list, although young, it can already be said that they are consolidated as figures of their teams, they are Josh Allen, who will have a repowered Buffalo Bills to seriously fight for the American Conference title and Lamar Jackson, another who is looking for revenge after a dismal 2021 campaign in which he spent many weeks injured and his Baltimore Ravens were eliminated as favorites in the regular season.

The new generation

Undoubtedly, this group is led by Joe Burrows, who is going into the season of his consolidation after reaching the American League title in the previous season and losing the Super Bowl due to minimal details. Vision, speed and daring characterize Burrows' game.

Justin Herbert is also looking for consolidation with a Chargers Angels that seems to have not yet reached the top. The precision in his passes is without a doubt his greatest strength, in addition to his youth. Herbert will not have the pressure of Burrows, forced to play at least the AL final, on the contrary, it is a project that is expected to reach its peak in 2023.

The Arizona Cardinals undoubtedly completed an extraordinary campaign in 2021 thanks to the ant work that their quarterback Kyler Murray did in a season in which perhaps not so much was expected of him. To a lesser extent, appears the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, Baker Myfield, who is going to his third season in a stellar plan and who with his toughness imposes a presence on the gridirons.

Those of the future

Here enter the scene those chosen for the position in the draft last April. The university students who do not always explode in their first year, but who immediately become the short and medium-term project and often contribute more than expected.

In that sense, without a doubt, Kenny Pickett is the one who has the most focus on himself, not only because he comes to a team with a winning tradition and that is not clear about his plan for the position such as the Pittsburgh Steelers, but also because he has seen the departure of the retired its top star and legend, Ben Roethlisberger. Pickett will stay in his city, since he studied in Pittsburgh.

In the second instance, Matt Corral appears, taken by the Carolina Panthers, a franchise on the rise that is usually the ideal type of currency for a draft pick to start making his own story. He doesn't have a powerful arm, but at the University of Mississippi he was a born leader.

Finally, Malik Willis of Liberty, with the Tennessee Titans, and Desmond Ridder of Cincinnati with the Atlanta Falcons appear. In the case of the former, he must improve his passing ability and for this, the starting QB Ryan Tanehill will surely be of great help to him, while the latter has a good chance of being a starter in some Falcons games, because after the departure of Matt Ryan he still it is unclear who will fill that position.

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