Why Did Bill Gates Make the Decision To Donate His Fortune?

With this measure, he also wants to create awareness and encourage other billionaires to follow his example and donate part of his estate.


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Once again Bill Gates is world news and has not ceased to be. In the last two years, he has been in the crosshairs of many media and speculations, not only for his statements about the pandemic, the mandatory nature of vaccines and their development thanks to revolutionary techniques with the use of mRNA that would allow the decrease in the manufacturing times of the same but also as a result of his divorce after 27 years of marriage with Melinda French Gates.

He has also been a spokesperson for climate change and has focused attention on triggering factors such as CO2 emissions, among others, wrote a book about it, and became the largest landowner in the United States in 2021, buying 98,000 hectares together with his current ex-wife. in twelve different states.

In the last week, the billionaire founder of Microsoft and co-founder of the Bill and Melisa Gates Foundation announced that he is giving up his fortune in favor of the unprotected and as a measure to promote social equity, for which he believes that he could soon be removed from the list of the richest men in the world.

With this measure, he also wants to create awareness and encourage other billionaires to follow his example and donate part of his estate.

Bill Gates has been defined as a philanthropist in our society, which has earned him the sympathy of many governments and institutions, either through his donations or through development programs. In recent years, in addition to being involved in the implementation of vaccines and vaccination campaigns in developing countries -mainly Africa-, it also actively participates in congresses, meetings, and related events, at a global level and hand in hand with organizations such as the World Health Organization.

However, he is not the first billionaire to adopt a measure of this nature, already in 2021 one of the world's leading investors and millionaires: Warren Buffett, donated half of his assets to 5 charities, among which is the foundation Gates of which he was a trustee until that period since after his gesture he also resigned from the foundation, and not only, but also resigned from other management positions that he had held in his own companies


In 2006, the billionaire Buffett sealed an agreement in which he promised to donate about 99% of his net worth to charities and non-profit institutions, all for the benefit of the most disadvantaged. Before said donation, Buffet had a fortune that was equal to that of Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and considered the richest man in the world.

At the time of his divorce from Belinda, Bill Gates was considered the fourth richest man in the world, and his fortune was estimated according to Forbes magazine at 130,000 million dollars, his most recent intention is to keep a small portion of his money that allows him the maintenance for you and your family.


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