Review of "The Gray Man": Netflix-style Action Film

Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas star in Netflix's Most Ambitious Production in 2022. We Present our Review of "The Gray Man".

Frame from the movie 'The Gray Man'

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What to do when your company experience a drop in the number of subscribers on your platform? Well, all the meat is placed on the grill with a movie full of action, shots, explosions and a first class cast. That has been Netflix's strategy with its new original film, "The Gray Man", which, although it is a project with more than five years in production, it was not until January 2021 that they got down to work.

This blockbuster is among the most expensive on the streaming platform, with a budget of just over $200 million, surpassing another ambitious house title such as "Red Alert" (2021). And it is that with this type of bets it is very difficult to refuse to see two hours of film, beyond that they have one or another scene that borders on the impossible. In the end, most viewers are just looking to be entertained and have a good time.

With "The Gray Man" there is a net that captures you even before playing it, and it is thanks to its cast. At this point, having Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas together on screen doesn't make you think twice, you just get carried away, especially when you know that the directors are Anthony and Joe Russo. Undoubtedly, a whole talented team aiming for success.

The premise of this explosive story follows a CIA agent under the alias Sierra Six (Gosling), who is betrayed by his own agency and is forced to become a fugitive. As he is one of the best in his field, to hunt him down they hire Lloyd Hansen (Evans), a former agent who does not shake his pulse to take anyone ahead in order to fulfill his mission. How much destruction will his capture cause?

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An entertaining film that gives what it promises

Netflix and the Russo brothers played it safe with an ambitious project that is shaping up to have a sequel. Although nothing has been said about it yet, it is worth mentioning that "The Gray Man" is based on a 2009 novel of the same name by Mark Greaney, who has since published a series of books that make it an attractive source for creating an unforgettable saga of movies.

Given this, it could be said that depending on the success it has on the platform, it would be possible to continue watching the future Sierra Six missions, since the end of this film left many things unfinished. Now, is it really worth seeing? Or is it one of those fashion productions that will be forgotten in the short term?

As previously stated, "The Gray Man" stands out for everything an action movie should be. Just like that, straight to the point. However, it is impossible not to look for some comparisons; Well, the rudeness of the protagonist reminds us of a Jason Bourne, the risk scenes of "Mission Impossible", and the fight sequences of "John Wick". Obviously, all this in a quality that, although it is lower, ends up giving you what it promises: entertainment.

The Russo touch is evident, and those who have seen "Infinity War" and "Endgame" will know instantly. In addition, the dynamism and fresh air that they inject into the direction with shots from above with drones make the different locations of the plot shine, such as Bangkok, Prague, Croatia or Turkey. Also, to enforce the budget they used the Chantilly Palace, in France, as the location for the climax of the film.

As for the protagonists, the three were up to the task. Gosling's character gets much of the attention for his intelligence and effective way of taking down almost an entire army. Evans, for his part, knew how to embody a sarcastic, self-centered and psychopathic villain who does not mind destroying half the city to capture a man. While De Armas is a revelation in the action genre, although she stays in the background to help Seis, she is capable of taking down guys tougher than her in any way.

In short, "The Gray Man" is a quite enjoyable cocktail from a technical and visual point of view. Despite the fact that it shows some script conveniences and a plot that is not at all original, it is a fight show on land, air and water that will leave the audience satiated. Its action sequences and the sympathy of its characters predict a product that Netflix will surely want to polish for future sequels.