Keys To Have More And Better Female Orgasms

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More than 8,000 nerve endings are involved in the female orgasm. It is an explosion of pleasure and sensations. However, it is still a taboo subject in many spaces. We tell you about this physiological process and how to enhance it .

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Orgasm is the climax of sexual arousal. It is generated by a discharge of neuromuscular tensions, which generate intense pleasure and a feeling of well-being. This experience is usually related to the genital area or other erogenous zones, however, the brain and the mind also play a fundamental role. The female orgasm has multiple benefits on a physical and mental level. "It helps relieve premenstrual tension in many women, induce sleep, indirectly prevent diseases and develop defenses against infections, increasing the number of white blood cells and renewing the circulation of hormones, strengthening muscle tone in the pelvic area and anal, reducing the chances of involuntary loss of urine and uterine prolapse", indicates a publication of the Brazilian Sports Medicine Magazine.

An investigation published in the " Current Sexual Health Reports Magazine " in 2020, did a review on the gender gap in orgasms. The results indicate that men tend to have orgasms more frequently, in heterosexual relationships, than women. This is largely due to sociocultural factors such as ignorance about women's right to sexual pleasure, the female orgasm and, in general, sexist behavior. Finally, the research suggests that "our cultural prioritization of penile-vaginal intercourse over more clitoral-focused sexual activities is related to the gender orgasm gap."

"All bodies have the right to experience the pleasure they are capable of feeling," says Sophia Wallace. She is an artist recognized for being the leader of the Cliteracy movement, which seeks to give the clitoris a visual representation. Ultimately, that female pleasure is also recognized and not stigmatized. "How is it possible that we reached the moon before discovering the anatomy of the clitoris?", the artist points out.

Keys to reach orgasm

As we have pointed out, many factors related to anorgasmia, which refers to the lack or infrequency of orgasms, have to do with social reasons such as taboos, myths and false beliefs. Also, ignorance of the clitoris and the body itself. In addition, the psychological factor also plays an important role. The good news is that through self-knowledge, the elimination of prejudices and the recognition of pleasure as something positive, it is possible to move towards better and more frequent female orgasms.

Get rid of prejudice

Overcoming prejudice and shame is the first step towards having better orgasms. For centuries, women's pleasure has been stigmatized. Acknowledging these facts and understanding that all people have a right to pleasure is key. In addition, multiple investigations indicate that the female orgasm has health benefits. There is no need to be ashamed of the sensations of well-being that the body itself offers. Self-love, self-care and the recognition that you deserve to feel pleasure will also help you have a calmer mind in the face of sexuality , so that it is not an obstacle to reaching climax.

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Take time for self-knowledge

Female masturbation has many benefits. Among them, it allows you to get to know your body better and understand what gives you the most satisfaction. For this reason, self-exploration, seeing, touching and examining the erogenous zones will allow you to have better orgasms.

Enjoy the road

To achieve female orgasm there are key factors that are related to arousal. Therefore, pay attention to "foreplay": kissing, intimacy, feeling comfortable and being mentally connected to the moment. "The physiological response during the sexual encounter combines elements such as the willingness to meet and the stimulation prior to vaginal penetration," says a publication from the Antonio Nariño University. On this depends the lubrication and vaginal dilation to a great extent. This needs to be discussed with your sexual partner. Sex is more than penetration.

Communicate better

A study carried out by the University of Antioquia, in Colombia, found that 43.6% of the women surveyed faked orgasms for different reasons. The main motives were "couple issues" and "altruistic deception". However, fear, insecurity, the desire to end the sexual encounter or increase arousal were also common factors.

In relation to this, it is necessary to understand that a sexual encounter, when it is with another person, must seek to maximize the pleasure of both people. For this reason, faking orgasm to please your partner is not a good strategy. On the contrary, good communication, with trust, will help both people find the greatest pleasure. There is nothing wrong with communicating what hurts, what you like best, where you like to be touched or how to do it. Every person is a world.

Take advantage of toys and experts

Sex doesn't have to hurt; It must generate pleasure. For this reason, do not normalize pain or discomfort during intercourse. If this happens, your gynecologist can do a review to see that you do not have a condition that causes you pain, such as vaginitis or endometriosis.

Also, take advantage of the multiple toys and elements that can help you maximize pleasure. Lubricants, vibrators, dildos and stimulants are great allies.

To conclude, it should be noted that although orgasm implies a high level of pleasure, a sexual relationship, or sexual self-exploration, it does not necessarily have to end in an orgasm in order to generate enjoyment. There are many ways to experience pleasure and sexual intercourse.