"I'm Glad My Mom Died" by Jenette McCurdy: the Story Behind a Nickelodeon Star

The Nickelodeon star had a very successful stage when she was little, but also a history of abuse. Jennette McCurdy has just published her book “I'm Glad My Mom Died” .

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Recently, the book “I'm Glad My Mom Died” was released. It is a journey through the life of actress Jennette McCurdy, famous for the Nickelodeon television series "iCarly", which was broadcast between 2007 and 2012, and whose remake is currently on air.

Now, what does this book say? She says that behind the scenes, she wasn't felt happily as she looked on screen. For example, in her memoirs she portrays that the channel offered her $300,000 so that she would not talk about the abuse suffered by her mother and the channel, while she took over the role of Sam Puckett in the children's story.

And what were those abuses? It is about emotional abuse by a person, whom she did not mention, but identified as "The Creator". This man would have offered her alcohol and completely sexualized her in some scenes. Everything indicates that this person would be Dan Schneider, showrunner of this and other channel projects. The above, endorsed by her mother.

The reason is very simple: Dan Schneider had already had other scandals throughout his history. He was released from Nickelodeon in 2018, after being accused of harassing different members of the company, usually underage actors and actresses. For example, in her memoirs, McCurdy indicates that "The Creator" had given her alcohol to try when she was barely 18 years old. He told her “nobody is watching” and that they could do whatever they wanted.

This, in addition, aggravates a problem that nobody had noticed until these complaints appeared: his fetishism with children's feet. Nickelodeon's own logo has feet, which have always seemed iconic to the franchise. However, "iCarly" also had a lot of feet scenes. It is believed that "The Creator " wanted to portray scenes of this style, since he had a fetishism with this part of the body, something that stimulated his curiosity.

In the same way, he says that "The Creator" gave her "pats" on the shoulders, but that pat later became a massage. And she didn't want him to keep doing it, but she was afraid of offending him. That said, while Dan Schneider has defended himself against all of these accusations, the passage of time seems to compound all of these claims.

Now, McCurdy indicated that this was much more than "The Creator." For example, she denounced that the production sexualized her and photographed her in a bikini at the age of 11. And that's not all: they also forced her to follow strict diets, with the aim of preserving her figure, something her mother agreed with.

The abuse also came from his own mother. Through black humor, McCurdy indicates that he was physically and emotionally abusing her. She showered with the girl until she was 16, shaved her legs, and gave her routine vaginal and breast exams. All this pressure led to her having eating disorders and alcohol problems.

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Now, there are other similar cases of books in which other stories of abuse are exposed. We tell you about some:

"Little Girl Lost" – Drew Barrymore and Todd Gold, 1991

Drew Barrymore was known for being the star of iconic films, as was the case with "ET". But that's not all: she also belonged to "Charlie's Angels" and recently recorded "Santa Clarita Diet". However, since she was little she suffered a lot of pressure from her mother, who wanted her to meet the stereotype of the perfect girl.

All this caused her addiction to alcohol and drugs, which caused her to start therapy at the age of 13. All the details of her life are told in this book.

"From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir" – Nancy Aniston, 1999

Here we have a very interesting case. Although no terrible experiences are told, its publication did lead to a family conflict. Basically, the mother of Jennifer Aniston, a popular actress known for her role in "Friends", decided to publish a book with stories, information and personal photos of her daughter.

The actress had not accepted this publication, as she preferred to keep her private life. This meant a family fight in which Jennifer indicated that her mother always manipulated and mistreated her.

"Things I Should Have Said" – Jamie Lynn Spears, 2022

Finally, here we have a book written by the younger sister of pop princess Britney Spears. The book shows a large part of the conflicts that the family committed with the star are summarized, which caused various psychological problems and a court case that recently ended. Now, the interesting thing is that her sister presents her as a mentally “disordered” person. Likewise, she is not responsible for the continuous theft of the artist's assets or the abuse carried out by her parents.

All in all, you've known some conflicting family histories in Hollywood.