Gallery: World Travel Awards: the Best Destinations in Latin America

The World Travel Awards are the Most Prestigious Tourism Awards. Meet the Best Destinations this Year in Latin America.

Aerial view of San Andres Islands

Photo: Pixabay

LatinAmerican Post | María Fernanda Ramírez Ramos

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The World Travel Awards, known as the Oscars of Tourism, choose each year a series of destinations, companies or brands that lead the world-class tourism industry.

These are awards that have been held since 1993 and make a detailed election on each continent. They are characterized by being a seal of quality for the winners they choose for their categories. Year after year, cities, restaurants, hotels and, in general, the commerce industry compete to be present on said list. The same city or country, in fact, can be nominated in several categories.

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Below, we tell you more about some of the most outstanding categories on this list and their winners in Latin America and the Caribbean. Thus, you can take it into account when planning your next vacation.

We hope that this gallery will encourage you to discover new destinations that are having an impact on tourism. According to the organization, the votes to choose the winning cities "come from qualified executives working in travel and tourism and the travel buying consumer." What destinations will you include in your next vacation?