5 Children’s Books To Talk About Gender Equality

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Every October 11, the International Day of the Girl is celebrated to reaffirm the commitment to support all girls and their families in achieving their comprehensive development in an egalitarian context

The Woman Post | Nibeth Adriana Duarte Camacho

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(without gender discrimination), free (to make their own decisions based on taste and enjoyment, far from stereotypes and social impositions) and without violence.

The Woman Post shares 11 recommended children's literature books to talk to girls and boys (both: because this is everyone's business) about freedom, gender stereotypes, diversity, being a woman, empathy and respect, and about power: the power to decide. This compilation was made by the web portal The Lost Books Club: 

  1. Salvaje, Emily Hughes


A brave, audacious, and free protagonist who lives in the jungle and who, as they say in the book, is impossible to tame... because you can't tame someone so happily wild. Among her thousand and one adventures, the protagonist meets another animal that looks a lot like her, which will make readers ask: how civilized are people? 


  1. Women, Isabel Ruiz Ruiz



Isabel Ruiz Ruiz is the illustrator and author of this book. She knows that many women have been made invisible throughout history and that is why girls and boys need to recognize them and create a historical–feminine– reference in their minds. Women are a perfect way to do it because it tells the story of 18 real women, fighters, and unique and great role models. 

  1. Princesses Fart Too, by Ilan Brenman and Ionit Zilberman

This book is a twist on the traditional tales of princesses and a break with the stereotype of "pink girls". Here readers learn that perfection is impossible and that women, however princesses they may be, fart, and have cellulite, stretch marks, and body hair. And that everything is the most natural thing in the world –although it is normal not to see it! 

  1. Malena Ballena, by Davide Cali and Sonja Bougaeva


Malena Ballena is the story of a girl who is called a whale in the pool. But not only that, this book tells the story of the struggle against personal complexes and the canons of beauty imposed by society. 


  1. Monstruo rosa, de Olga de Dios



Monstruo rosa is a book that talks about diversity and the importance of finding a place in the world, and how sometimes people can feel different from the rest and that can cause sadness. However, and that is what the book says, there is always someone similar to us... You just have to look for it.

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